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Forum Avatar Request Thread

Oct 28, 2017
Could I get a better avatar sized version of Nero's mugshot here? Transparent if you can, but there's no need for it if that's too much trouble. I'm not even sure removing the background would improve it or make it not as cool.

Oct 25, 2017
It's the front runner in an old contest where I let certain community threads pick my avatar for a few weeks every month. We'll see what else people come up with. Either way both orientations are saved because they are super cute.
It won't let me post images for some reason. <<<Link to IMG UR

Hello everyone, I tried to find a photoshop request thread or a photography request thread but couldn't find anything so I figured I would ask it here.

Can anyone give me an artificial bokeh or blur for my photo? Just a blur around the outside of the Polaroid and maybe overall enhance the picture if you would be so kind.

Thank you
I tried my best since I broke my glasses on my way home and my eyes feel tired. Let me know if this is what you were hopping for.

I also made a variation of the photo, it is the same enhanced image on the original shot, just framed to mimic the Polaroid format.

EDIT: I didn't saw some weird artifacts on the Polaroid photo, I'm fixing that ASAP. Sorry!

EDIT 2: Fixed! Link updated.
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