Fox exploring potential 2018 soccer tournament for countries out of WC

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by gutshot, Nov 14, 2017 at 7:06 PM.

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    Some of the countries missing the World Cup include the US, Netherlands, Italy, Chile, Ghana, Wales. You could definitely make a quality tournament out of those squads plus a few more. What do you think, Soccer-Era?
  2. DecoReturns

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    I don't think players want to waste their time on this.

    Please don't do this
  3. Bandage

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    Ah, the classic "Losers Bracket".
  4. funky

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    This seems just awkward and sad.
  5. Smurf

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    I would watch it.
  6. Irnbru

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    [​IMG] In tournament form
  7. cdyhybrid

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  8. Einchy

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    The most depressing tournament in human history.
  9. shira

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    They should do this for NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

    All the non-qualified teams just play in the loser playoffs.
  10. fallingedge

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    The NIT of the soccer world.
  11. Snake Eater

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    I’m sure Italy would be so honored to participate in such a tournament considering their rich history
  12. El Bombastico

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    I'm in only if they call it the Loser's Cup.

    Oh and don't let the Dutch in, cause screw those jerks.
  13. Escalario

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    of soccer championships.
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    Only if they can convince Pippo to come out of retirement.
  15. Litan

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    Who would watch this? And how many players would actually want to be involved in such a thing?
  16. Kyougar

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    Do they stop every 5 minutes for advertising?
  17. Gonzalez

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    Europa for international teams.
  18. Vctor182

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  19. norealmx

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    "We will make our own world cup, with slots and hookers".

    Hey, if they organize the entire thing in Vegas, it could be!
  20. ChrisR

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    I'd probably watch more of this than the world cup if it's in the US just because of the time zone differences. Do an 8 team setup or something, two groups of 4 for a total of 15 matches.
  21. KennyLoggins

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    Put a lowercase L in FlFA World Cup and nobody will notice a difference.

  22. krioto

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    this is a terrible idea
  23. Igniz12

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    Tournoi de Fox.
  24. TheExecutive

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    Browns would still be last.
  25. Sanox

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    A world cup to determine the best of the worst.

  26. Mugsy

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    also the the game is played with 3 balls on the pitch at once to increase the number of goals scored so people don't get bored
  28. Dishwalla

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    lol they have to try and recoup some of their lost money, classic.
  29. Vidal

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    Would FIFA even allow a tournament like this near the World Cup?
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    We shall call it the Precup. Unexpected, unwanted, and ultimately disappointing.
  31. Debiddo

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    FIFA Loser's Confederations Cup. A classic!
  32. ShyMel

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  33. Ariashadow

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    winning that thing would be the saddest thing lmao
  34. Jean Valjean

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    This is an awesome idea.
  35. NihonTiger

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    a.k.a. We spent a ton of money on World Cup rights for THIS?!?!
  36. norm9

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    Do a soccer version of the Lingerie Bowl.
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    To be fair the teams already have enough Ls.
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    Who the hell will watch that, the WC would take up all the views
  39. Grym

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    That's generally Fox's thing ;)
  40. NihonTiger

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    Fox: "Hey, come join our other tournament!"

    FIFA: "We'll suspend your asses indefinitely if you so much as look at that tournament the wrong way."
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    Maybe the US should just kick Cascadia out of the 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup. Italy can replace Padania and the Netherlands can replace Ellan Vannin.

    I'm kind of okay with the idea of sitting out Qatar.
  42. ibyea

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    But who is going to give a crap?
  43. Imp the Dimp

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    Lol, let go
  44. Debiddo

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    I'm sure FIFA could see the benefits... Wouldn't be hard to persuade them.

    "A second World Cup you say?"

    Knowing England's luck, they'd agree to it and grant us the hosting rights during Qatar 2022 because that's just the FIFA thing to do.
  45. SgtCobra

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    And the Dutch team still won't qualify! Hup Holland hup.
  46. poklane

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    Not interested. All countries competing would look pathetic for participating in a tournament which is just for losers and players wouldn't give a crap because nothing is on the line. Players would just say they're injured, and the players participating would never go the full 100% (both these things already happen with friendlies all the time). Besides, I don't think countries can force clubs to give up their players outside the official FIFA calendar, but don't quote me on that.
  47. Brotherhood93

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    Honestly, this just seems like the USA being sore losers and desperately wanting to be part of the conversation. You weren't good enough this time, get over it. Top players are very unlikely to want to give up their only time off all year to play in a friendly tournament. Nobody is going to care if it's held at the same time as the World Cup either. I'd be shocked if anything comes of this or you'll end up with a bunch of B sides with players who'd otherwise never get to play for their country.
  48. Fergie

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    I wouldn't say no to more football. But WC will take priority if they're running in similar times.
  49. Ahhthe90s

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    Who asked for this?

    Anything to make money, jesus.
  50. Jezabel

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    The whole US soccer association needs an overhaul not a Sad losers tournament