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Free Portrait Drawings!

Oct 25, 2017
Anyone wanna practice or warm up with drawing some ERA residents?
H.Protagonist was supposed to make this thread, but lucky for me, her child is keeping her very very busy! She has sent me what files she was able to collect from the old thread so we can start the new one.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Any skill level! Let's have some fun!

Just post a selfie or portrait that you would like others to try on. Maybe it will be an MS Paint masterpiece, maybe it will be a pen doodle, or lovingly rendered playdough model!

I will try to get to people who haven't had their portraits drawn before. So if you want a randomly-interpreted portrait by myself and others, please join in. I encourage people who want portraits of themselves to draw someone else too if you can muster the courage!


The artists that do post will be of varying skill levels and are doing this voluntarily for fun or practice and whatever portraits they do choose to do will mainly be luck of the draw. While you may be extremely attracted to certain styles, please try to refrain from making requests to specific artists, as that may create undue pressure on them. It's flattering to be in demand in any capacity, but it may take on a exploitative feel in the end.

If you have specific requests, it may be better to ask if an artist is open for commissions (let's keep artists fed and paid for their skills!).

Here's an example from the old "free portrait drawing" thread:
My selfie:

And here's what some very talented people decided to do!!!:

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Oct 25, 2017

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OKAY AND THAT'S ALL I WAS SENT! There are a bunch missing since links have long broken down, etc, but as you can see, QUITE AN EYEFULL!
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Oct 25, 2017
ResetEra Gallery!

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If you're curious about where I am storing everything or want a flat index of stuff, you can go here:

I do not keep copies of the original reference photos and unless artists named their files, they will be whatever gibberish the image hosting service uploaded it as haha.
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Oct 27, 2017
I wasn't sure if I should make this thread or not when ResetEra came about.
Glad to see it up!
and here's some of the other stuff I was proud of:
If anyone one wants me to do one, shoot me a message. I don't have much free time since I'm working full time and have 2 heavy college classes, but I need a break every once in a while to be creative.
Oct 25, 2017
If someone could do a nice portrait of my better half and little man that would be much appreciated.

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Oct 25, 2017
New York, NY
Jhoan here. I owe a bunch of people portraits from the previous thread's incarnation that I worked on but never finished/posted. I'm a perfectionist to a fault so I hope those people are lurking out there. My watercolors are out so I'll probably work on some later and/or digitally with my phone if need be. Here's one long overdue one for instance (which still isn't finished IMO). It reminds me that I should get back into working with crowquill pen and ink:
Oct 25, 2017
Hell yeah, definitely still a big enough narcissist to get in on this.

Big shout out to Prax, Sabrina, Not and....shit, someone who's name eludes me....for previous portraits!

Selfie from Realpic Jan thread:
Oct 28, 2017
Great work everyone.

Not sure if anyone is interested in doing one with a person and their adorable puppers but I will throw it out there if anyone wants to.

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Oct 26, 2017
I always loved this thread on the old forum. Thanks for making a new one. I think I will both try to draw some faces and request trippy portraits of me. I am barebones to digital art. Not good with colouring so will be mostly black and white dull.
I have to put this down for now, but here is where I got. I don't think I nailed your likeness and kinda accidentally aged you up, sorry to say haha. I might take another stab at it later.

Looks like a good half-realistic Simpsons character to me, Homer perhaps in an alternative universe. I like it.
I also like the picture you chose because man how are you holding that can really :)

Perhaps i should post something up too, but i have an absolutely baby face and easily mistaken for being around my early twenties when in fact, im 27.