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Oct 27, 2017
Cannot wait for dedicated servers. Bought the game on XB1 when it was on sale last week (have played a ton of it on PS4) and it is insane how many people quit out when they are either killed by Jason or Jason quits if he can't catch counselors. I had 3 games in a row last night (one where I was Jason) and every single game the host quit when killed by Jason. Dedicated servers are going to be such a huge help for this game.

I guess I don't get the logic of quitting out. You don't get the XP and you have to end up waiting to get into another match. *shrug*. Just makes no sense to me.
Nov 18, 2017
Dedicated servers haven’t been announced for this patch, have they?

The engine comparison looked exactly the same, so I guess it’s mainly behind-the-scenes changes.
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Oct 27, 2017
Dedicated servers haven’t been announced for this oatch, have they?

The engine comparison looked exactly the same, so I guess it’s mainly behind-the-scenes changes.
No dedicated servers for this patch, but they're coming. Not sure when at this point, but now that the Engine Upgrade will be out the team will be turning their focus to that and hopefully an updated road map.
Oct 27, 2017
Does this game have any form of region locking? Game is on sale on Australia PSN and I am in NA.. curious if there would be any issues? Match finding, invites, quick play etc....
When dedicated servers come out would this pose a problem?

Xaero Gravity

Oct 25, 2017
Unfortunately still no dedicated servers, but
now that they've finally finished moving
the game over to a new engine, it means dedicated servers are officially next.

Does this game have any form of region locking? Game is on sale on Australia PSN and I am in NA.. curious if there would be any issues? Match finding, invites, quick play etc....
When dedicated servers come out would this pose a problem?
No region as I've played with people all over the world, resulting in some crazy lag lol

You bring up a very interesting potential issue when it comes to dedicated servers though.
Oct 25, 2017
Are we all on each other’s friends lists? I am blueredandgold on all but I play on PS4 currently.

What I really want is a way to change the sprint button - my finger hurts holding up on the left stick so much as Jason.
Oct 26, 2017
Once those dedicated servers hit then I'm in. I've been wanting this game for a year now, but kept holding off until the bugs were worked out.
Nov 1, 2017
On PC, Im not seeing much difference here. The single player challenges are fun, the replay ability seems pretty iffy though once you figure out the AI's patterns. It takes several play throughs and experimentation to figure out how to achieve the various goals.
Oct 28, 2017

Hey campers,

I wanted to just pop in here to say that we are reading posts. We are combing through twitter, reddit, this forum, and the endless reports via jasonkillsbugs website. As well as all the DM's, screenshots, videos from streams, etc, of issues that are popping up since the update. We are quiet at the moment, not because we don't care, ignoring you, ignoring problems, etc. Not that at all. Here's what we're doing:

1. We are recording every issue being reported across all social media, forums, etc.

2. Looking for more information on each report. A report that says "Game crashes, fix it." requires us to reach out to that reporter for more informaion. (What platform, when does it crash, what were you doing when it happened, do you have video or screenshot of issues, etc.)

3. Consolidate all issues into one working document.

4. Sort issues into categories (animation, art, interactions, network, etc)

5. Mark priority for each issue (high, medium, low)

6. Then we have meeting with ILL (the developers) to go through list and give as much detail as we can.

7. QA at ILL gets spun up to replicate these issues. Upon replicating we can find the issue.

8. All Leads at ILL are briefed on QA findings vs known bug list.

9. Leads at ILL assign bugs to engineers, artists, etc, to fix.

10. Bug ticket marked as "fixed" and then it goes back to QA. QA tests the shit out to assure fix held.

11. On and on until high priority bugs are solid. Then move on down the list.

12. Then you slate patch date for fixes with all platforms (Sony, MS, Steam) to try to get a patch out as fast as we can.

So we're not ignoring. We are listening and acting instantly. I apologize you're not getting responses directly or indirectly to current issues. I hope this quick post helps explain. We're here, we're fighting.


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Nov 18, 2017
The game looks and plays a lot smoother on PS4 than before and the grab is a big improvement imo. The shift to the new engine appears to have stamped out a lot of the jank. Pleased to note you can grind the XP in singleplayer.

Hope you guys can get the momentum back from here with content updates. Game still has a ton of potential beyond just being a straight F13th homage.
Oct 27, 2017
Right now it needs more content Way more maps for sure

more maps and the ability to choose which counselor you can go after in offline mode or the very least the ability to choose their outfit/perks. I'm happy with the jason selection so that's already ace though i won't say no to more though.
Oct 28, 2017

Welcome to the June 8th Patch notes! This patch will be released initially for the PC only. The XB1 and PS4 patch will be released at a later date

UPDATE: 6/8/18 - PS4 Patch is now live

General Changes and Bugfixes
  • [PS4] Medium Bloody Skins have been re-enabled
  • [PS4] Improved VoIP functionality
  • [PS4] Fixed a bug where the idle timer was not working properly
  • Addressed several issues that were causing crashes
    • Including the crash that occurred on startup for XB1
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that caused SteamVR to activate when the user is launching the game with a VR device connected
  • Improved consistency with the mute function
  • The following emotes will now loop properly
    • The Poppin’ Robot
    • The Cabin Boogie
    • Freaky Friday
    • Friday Night Fever
    • Sexy Sway
    • The Pumpkin Patch
    • The Running Man
    • Bouncin’ and Boppin’
    • The Bel-Air
    • The Vincent
    • The Mia
    • The Low Down
  • Addressed a bug that sometimes allowed players to select an unreleased Jason
  • Fixed an issue with Jason holding his weapons incorrectly when weapon swapping
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jason to become “shiny” when equipped with a bloody skin
  • Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s hands being “bright orange”
  • Fixed an issue with Part 6 Jason’s mask strap being discolored
  • Fixed an issue that caused Savini Jason’s clothes to “flicker”
  • Fixed an issue with Medical Sprays not functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue with Victoria’s pants changing into the incorrect pattern when the player equips the Sweater
  • Fixed an issue where Tiffany’s swimsuit outfit was not able to be individually customized between the top and bottom
  • Fixed a bug where Buggzy’s shoes would deform when performing certain emotes
  • Fixed an issue with Jenny and Tiffany’s model in the character selection menu
  • Addressed the “Rubberbanding” bugs

  • Increased the amount of shore spawners on each map
    • Note: These are the item spawners that are used to respawn weapons and repair parts when a counselor escapes or dies in the water
Jarvis House

  • Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly take damage when climbing out one of the windows in the Vacation House

  • Added a car blocking volume to the small bridge next to the Halfway House
Single Player Challenges
  • Fixed an issue on Broken Down where Buggzy’s head and neck were slightly disconnected in the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a bug on Lights Out where Speed Demon would become unobtainable after 1 minute
  • Addressed an issue on Stargazing where Shelly would jump out the windows instead of using the front door
  • Fixed a bug on Packanack Party that caused A.J. and Adam’s VO to play even after they had been killed
  • Fixed an issue on Strip Poker where there could sometimes be a duplicate A.J. in the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Lachappa’s VO would play twice in the intro
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy and Vanessa’s conversation was not playing properly
  • Fixed a bug on JASON IS HERE where Buggzy would sometimes start sleepwalking for a few moments before falling back to sleep
  • Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where the counselors may sit in mid air or behave erratically when Jason walked past the window by the side of the building
  • Fixed an issue on Vacation Party where killing Vanessa during her conversation with Kenny would break Kenny’s AI
  • Fixed a bug where certain weapons would not produce the sound effect that occurs when Jason destroys a hiding spot
  • Fixed a bug where the sound effects for doors, barricades, etc. would not consistently trigger
  • [XB1] Addressed an issue that was causing the morph reticle to disappear
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that caused some of the emotes to be unclickable in the emote selection menu
  • [PC] Added “Knife Throw” to the Keybindings menu
  • [PC] The “Left” and “Right” movement key bindings will now properly affect movement while driving
Nov 1, 2017
I mean, F13th has been in legal hell for a long while now, but didn't expect it to affect the game. Imagine this also means pretty much any new f13th product is going to have issues getting approval at this point? I'm not sure how this all really works out when you got other companies still putting out new F13th product.
Oct 27, 2017
Dear god!, so i got around to playing the Xbox version after the so called engine 'Upgrade' yesterday and wtf have they done!!?, everyone's face when its raining looks like melting wax!!!!

Shame about the licensing issues, sad to see we'll never get Jason X content in this game :(
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Nov 1, 2017
It sounds like they don't even plan on bothering to wait it out, they can do their bug fixes but imagine they are going to try and move onto a new project at this point. Can't really blame them, if they can't make anymore money off this game with content, they have little reason to keep working on it. They have no idea how long this lawsuit can go on, so I imagine they all have to find something new to do instead.
Oct 25, 2017
Vernon Hills, IL
Really sucks seeing as how close Uber Jason had to be. He was accidentally unlocked for people and had complete stats and grab kills. That has to mean he wasn't far off. Oh well, RIP to this game. Nothing else to really work towards and the game is broken enough in the current state that it's hard to play for fun now.
Oct 26, 2017
Oh shit... RIP I guess.

Why can't they just go ahead and unlock everything... they can work on fixing those bugs.

Maybe in a couple years they'll get to do Friday the 13th pt.2.
Oct 28, 2017

Hello everyone, there have been a lot of questions about where we stand with the state of the game right now, and whether we are going to continue updating the game (Spoiler: We are). Below you will find items that we intend to have fixed with the next update to Friday the 13th: The Game.

Critical Fixes:

  • The game ending while counselors are still in play
  • Escaping via a vehicle counts as suicide
  • Players loading in as a character different than the one they selected
  • Counselors stuck to repair points after initiating/completing a repair
  • Game crashing tied to the destruction of doors
  • Players able to clip through a wall on the Pinehurst map
In this update we are prioritizing bugs that have a large impact on gameplay, though it is possible that some lower impact issues will be resolved due to a shared solution with critical issues, or as time allows.

Once we launch console dedicated servers, our resources will be able to focus exclusively on player facing issues. With no content being added, we should have fewer new issues arise, which will allow us to work solely on reducing the overall list of game impacting bugs.