Fumito Ueda's new game teased?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Acquiescence, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. ailaeshiz

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    "You know Ellie, we really are the last of the colossus"
  2. NESpowerhouse

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    GOTY 2028
  3. Rösti

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    This is in the source of the PNG image file (www.gendesign.co.jp/img/HappyNewYear2018_bottom.png):

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    <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 (Windows)</xmp:CreatorTool>
    <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <photoshop:LayerName>Beauty and the Beast 2018</photoshop:LayerName>
    <photoshop:LayerText>Beauty and the Beast 2018</photoshop:LayerText>
    <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <photoshop:LayerName>Happy New Year!</photoshop:LayerName>
    <photoshop:LayerText>Happy New Year!</photoshop:LayerText>
    <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <photoshop:LayerName>May this be a happy and fruitful year.</photoshop:LayerName>
    <photoshop:LayerText>May this be a happy and fruitful year.</photoshop:LayerText>
    <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">
    <stEvt:softwareAgent>Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Windows)</stEvt:softwareAgent>
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  5. Ian Henry

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    How did Uncharted influence The Last Guardian? That sounds interesting. Can you tell me
  6. Blitzwolf215

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    But I thought Ueda parted ways with Sony.
  7. papercan

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    sounds good, fingers crossed a new title which has a fast turnaround...
  8. flattie

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    Yes. TLG was a masterpiece. I will play anything this guy makes.
  9. zoodoo

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    see you in 2030
  10. Ian Henry

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    You guys talk about SOTC

    But what about Ico. I think the girl is Yorda grown up. Maybe it’s Ico 2. or a crossover
  11. Sumio Mondo

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    Looks more Ico than SOTC to me.
  12. So now I'm imagining this as Mono in a dream state seeing this Golem in place of Wander and directing him to various dwellings/villages throughout the land to destroy and by the end, he's a man and needs to fight monsters...
    Edit: or actually, you stay as this monster and the sword is used to defeat you and separate you into sixteen parts and lock you inside the debris of the places you destroyed which end up taking shape into the colossi.
  13. TheEnd

    TheEnd Member

    Holy shit.. SotC successor?
  14. Sidewinder

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    So the wait begins...I'm in!!
  15. TheEnd

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    There's a giant hand on the image. Looks like a colossus of some sort.
  16. BadWolf

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    He didn't.

    Shuhei Yoshida said that they are still in a good relationship and Sony would love to work with him again.

    He said that TLG didn't cost nearly as much as many people assume and wasn't really an expensive project.
  17. silva1991

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    Possibly Itsuno too if the rumors are true.

    Now imagine Kamiya joining the party as well.

    nah, he is probably directing Bayonetta 3.
  18. ASaiyan

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    I am still waiting for his take on the Madden franchise.
  19. Dreamboum

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    I am as ready as I'll ever be
  20. StraySheep

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    I don't know why people assume it has to be like that based on one games long and very unique development.
  21. pixelation

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    It's a King Kong game.
  22. Dabi3

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    So fucking ready!!!!!!!
  23. Incite

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    Awesome, can't wait
  24. pixelation

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    That Switch brigade and their constant port begging. At the very least wait for the game to be announced for crying outloud.
  25. PuyoPypo

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    Maybe you are the giant this time and your companion is that little girl.
  26. jawzpause

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    If it's sotc2 I'm gna cry
  27. charlieman999

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    The long wait for another masterpiece has begun again...
  28. janusfilmsfan

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  30. AgentChris

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    I wonder if there will be a teaser in the remake of SotC.
  31. ED_209

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    He is no longer an employee of Sony, but I believe genDESIGN has a partnership with Sony in the same style as Quantic Dream (which is an independent studio but launches games only for the Sony consoles)
  32. bluexy

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    Hmm. There was an interview from... it must have been forever ago, where Fumito Ueda said they almost made the protagonist of The Last Guardian a girl because she would offset the monstrousness of Trico in an interesting way. I wonder if that's an idea he's brought with him to this new project.
  33. Jawbreaker

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    Show me something at E3, please.
  34. Maxrunner

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    How can you port beg something that has no platforms announced?
  35. E3 2018's gonna be LIT AF.
  36. WoollyTitan

    WoollyTitan Banned Member

    I thought his latest game was announced some time ago.

  37. Usual Suspect

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    Yes, please, such a good way to start the year
  38. I'm both feet in! Looking forward to more info!
  39. HueyFreeman

    HueyFreeman Member

    He did say at one point that he was planning to finish his next game much more quickly. Who knows if that will play out, but I wonder if he had already started prior to TLG’s release.
  40. Ludens

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    Haha good one, i hope he def rush it this time ;-)))
  41. I'm so in whatever it is.
  42. labx

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    I'm in... To play this years after the announcement.
  43. zoukka

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    Looks... amazing.
  44. Doctor_Thomas

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    Ueda games are like Naughty Dog or Kojima games for me. I don't even need trailers or information, INTO MY VEINS.
  45. Anti

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    Cant wait to be 40 and be able to play it by then.
  46. missingplugin

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    He could have. If I remember correctly, there where years in-between The Last Guardian's announcement and release where he wasn't working on The Last Guardian at all?
  47. signal

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    Probably nothing SotC related but I'd love if it were, even if it's a completely different style of game. Loved the world of SotC. Let me explore beyond that damn wind barrier!
  48. The Last Guardian was one of the most disappointing games I've played, but you best believe I'm still interested in this.

    SotC and Ico were masterpieces.
  49. NightShift

    NightShift Member

    Oh fuck! I'm getting hyped up all over again!

    I don't think that image screams SotC 2. Unless they change what Mono looks like in the remake, in no way does that look like her. The birds going up so high and that hand(?) are reminiscent. Maybe a spiritual successor in the same way The Last Guardian was more of a successor to Ico.
  50. HStallion

    HStallion Member

    Ueda has mentioned wanting to return to open world games at least so while not SotC maybe something a bit more in that vein than linear adventure.