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FurryERA |OT| Notices Your New Forum


Oct 25, 2017
complete and utter shot in the dark... was watching TV with my flatmate and he saw this tshirt that he seriously wants! for the life of me i cant find where its from, anyone familiar with the artist or brand?????

DM if you do!
I have several friends with this shirt. I think Lukar has it right.


Oct 27, 2017
WTF? That piece of shit is a furry?
Seemingly. The creators of the Dreamkeepers comic made a snep fursona for him several years ago, and he seemed to like it (the Facebook link in that FA description is dead, but he publicly shared the drawing). And I can't find the original source, but there are a bunch of folks on Twitter talking about him registering for this year's MFF, so it sounds like that's a thing.

I really hope MFF publicly bans his alt-right ass. An outspoken person like him has no place in a space like that. He and his cult fans will only cause problems, especially since fur cons are LGBTQ+ friendly spaces.