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FYI: Parasite is available for purchase on digital today in the US


Oct 25, 2017
Had posted this in the OT a while back, but still a fantastic and illuminating read

This is cool
On a fundamental level, if the structure of the house isn’t correct, the story doesn’t work,” he says. It was a technical puzzle: The first floor and private front yard were built on an empty outdoor lot in Jeonju, with a green screen placed on top where the second floor would eventually be digitally inserted. The other rooms of the house were built on separate soundstages. “There are nearly 480 visual-effects shots, but we can never feel it in the movie,” he says. “They’re invisible.”
But not until Bong’s second feature, Memories of Murder, did his visual style begin to gel. In another life, he would have been a comic-book artist. Bong meticulously storyboards everything he shoots, and his movies look like individual frames come to life. He sketched out every scene for Parasite and Memories of Murder himself — complete with dialogue — and for films with bigger visual effects, like Okja and Snowpiercer, he worked with an artist. “He gave us storyboards that were fully bound books,” says Yeun of his experience acting in Okja. “They look like mangas, where you’re just like, Oh, this is the movie.”

Yeun describes the director as a “human animator.” He recalls how, on set, Bong would show him a shot with stand-ins so he could picture the composition before stepping into the frame himself. “Some people get jarred by that because they don’t like being told where to stand. But when you see the frame, you’re like, I know what we’re achieving here,” Yeun says. “You feel like a color.”

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