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Game Industry Q&A

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Oct 24, 2017
Edit: If you are in the Game Industry and have a ResetEra account, please get verified. Read this post for more details: https://www.resetera.com/threads/verification-faq.2971/

Hello community!

We’d like to pull back the curtain on one of the things our staff is currently exploring: Game industry Q&A. We want to encourage and foster more interaction between community members and industry folk. It is our hope that this program will accomplish those goals.

This program is envisioned to operate something like a delayed Q&A where a batch of questions, submitted by users, are given to an industry person to answer. Details are still fuzzy at this time. However, the basic point of the program is that it will enable members to ask questions to game industry people. This will not be a live Q&A format such as reddit's AMA, and there may be restrictions on what questions are allowed to be asked: such as questions pertaining only to a specific game.

Before moving forward on such a program, we would like to make sure there is sufficient interest from people within the game industry who would be willing to potentially engage in it. In terms of incentives, we are discussing relaxing the rules on self-promotion while question answering. If you are a developer, community manager, publisher, etc and would like to show your interest in this program, please send an email to [email protected]

If you’re not a game industry person, we would ask that you share this with those you think might be interested in such a program. Please do not spam or harass any person while doing this. Respect is key.

When we have a better idea of the level of interest in the program, we will have more details at that time.

Thank you for being the best community on the internet!
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Oct 24, 2017
Nicole and I are currently developing an idea where Resetera members can submit questions to game industry professionals.

We plan to reveal more details in the near future.



User requested ban
Oct 25, 2017
What an excellent idea! Sounds great!

I could certainly ask a few questions based on who is on board. This will be a great way to break the barrier of consumer and industry.


Oct 25, 2017
Good stuff, y'all! The more the community can become involved and interact with the industry, the better!


Nov 4, 2017
", and there may be restrictions on what questions are allowed to be asked: such as questions pertaining only to a specific game."

So after a handful of maybe cool ones these will just be the sane marketing tour junk you can find anywhere else with hard questions weeded out? Why bother at that point tbh.


User banned at own request
Oct 27, 2017
Good stuff, I have many questions like

-Warhawk for PS4 when?


-How’s that PS4 remaster of Warhawk coming along?
Oct 26, 2017
Sounds interesting.

I have one small suggestion. When this happens, could the mods post a notice in the announcement section so we all know about it? That way people won't miss out. I love the announcement notifications on this forum.
Oct 25, 2017
By community manager what do you mean? Id love to ask Geoff or any of EasyA some questions about how they feel the content creator aspect of the industry is doing and so on
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