Game of Thrones S8, Apr 14-May 19 @9PM EDT |OT| Aunt-Man and the Frost

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Nov 7, 2017

Not when there's a literal sea of zombies swarming every named character. Most of them should have died... Sam especially, whom we see begging for his life lying on the ground. It just doesn't make sense.
It was really bad.

D and D better knock the next 3 episodes out of the park. Focusing on political intrigue has always been their comfort zone, and now that the WWs are out of the way maybe the resolution to the conflict over the Iron throne will be much more satisfying
Uh, that was their strongpoint when they still had the books as a crutch. The political intrigue has been garbage for the last few seasons.
Oct 27, 2017
We saw her FAIL at it for the majority of her time in Braavos.

She almost dies.

Then all of a sudden shes a master assassin.

I'm not buying into this Mary Sue bollocks. Just that the show is very poorly written.
Steps to become master assassin:
1. Get your ass kicked a bunch.
2. Do something really fucking dumb that should have gotten you killed.
3. Master Assassin.


Apr 5, 2018
To give some breathers to the frenetic action and cuts, they should have had some bad-ass fight scenes between WW generals and Arya/Jon/Jorah/Grey Wurm/etc.


Oct 27, 2017
Why didn't they reload the catapults/trebuchets after the Dothraki obviously failed with their attack? Poor Dothrakis managed to pass the sea they feared so much just to be killed off in seconds.

Hoped they would at least have gotten some heroic minutes.


Sep 11, 2018
He was making a choice. Join a relentless battle or go fight the NK and end the battle, even if people die. He chose the latter.
He did barley anything this episode and he let his friend almost die, that's the most unJon thing to do.
Because Bran. Any other time Jon would have, but this was endgame.

Also, Sam was just chilling there doing nothing.
There was no way he could've reached him or the NK.


Oct 25, 2017
The ending was literally:

+ Omae wa mou shindeiru!

Get out with that shit.
So cheap. Still not over how poorly that ended, NK stared straight at the Dragon, took a direct blast of dragon fire then smirked at hin, but Arya materialised from thin air and takes him out? I mean, all you needed then is a good archer with Dragon stone, boom job done. So stupid.


The Fallen
May 31, 2018
My main issue with Arya saving the day was that it was just the same old tactic that had been used a whole bunch of times during that same episode:

1) Character is in mortal danger
2) Thing trying to kill character gets ready for the final blow
3) No wait! Here's other character to save the day!

That they decided to go with literally just that when it came to the Night King's defeat really deflated things. You knew something like that was going to happen and they had even foreshadowed that Arya herself would do it so when it did happen I didn't feel any kind of exciting payoff. It's just a thing that happened because it 'made sense', and that's not good storytelling in my eyes.

I hate to make a comparison but this scene from Infinity War did the whole 'Villain slowly makes his way towards the macguffin' thing much better. Frankly I'd say Thanos in that film felt magnitudes more threatening than the Night King despite having so much less build-up.


Oct 27, 2017
How many people watching last night assumed the Night King had laid a trap for Dany and Jon when they started chasing him? Or that Bran was doing something incredible with his warging ability? Or that the Night King and Bran were telepathically communicating before Arya flew in?
His warging was so useless and meaningless...

Crossing Eden

Oct 26, 2017
There was no progression though? She failed, refused to kill someone and was punished.
Refusing to kill someone who didn't deserve it was not a failure. Every kill Arya made throughout the show has been someone who deserved to be killed. Turning into someone who'd do it for the hell of it, THAT'S a failure. She's not like that.
She was hunted down, got stabbed in the open due to her hubris and won a fight when the conditions were in her favour.

Then cut to Westeros and she's an expert assassin, wiping out a whole house solo.
She was already assassinating people before being blinded. We're talking about a character who from episode 1 was shown to be out of the ordinary, excelling at things someone like her shouldn't be. We're talking in canon around 8 years of this character literally doing nothing but surviving, killing when necessary, eating, and most importantly, training.


Oct 27, 2017
That was intense. Holy shit the whole time my friends and I were watching it we all were like "How do you fucking fight this? Its like World War Z but with no guns!" I feel they handled that aspect of the night kings horde brilliantly. Danny landing was one of the worst tactical decisions I had seen on this show and boy have we seen a lot of them.

The whole ordeal felt very rushed, but overall I liked it. At first I felt Arya killing NK like that was cheap and bullshit but after thinking about makes sense. Everyone probably wanted to see Jon and the NK square off one on one but that is unrealistic. When the opportunity arised the NK showed he was not fighting for pride but was playing to win. I assume Arya took the face of a walker to get close, as Melisandre said "Yes, I saw you would take faces of people with many colored eyes, including blue..." or something along those lines which I felt gave her the idea maybe? Either way, a fast kill was the right decision. Damn good episode.


Mar 21, 2019
It was solid except for the citizens not giving a shit at the end of it.

Besides that though we've had Dorne, Littlefinger get hit with the stupid bat and Tyrion get hit with the stupid bat.
the littlfinger storyline in season 7 may be up there with Dorne as one of the dumber storylines if it wasnt for the awesome payoff


Oct 25, 2017
I enjoyed the episode. Just some thoughts

-Where's Ghost? I hope next episode lays who died.
-Lyanna was amazing. The hardest death to swallow
-Fuck Sam. He should have died. Useless.
- Why the fuck did Melissandre commit suicide? I honestly for a second believed she was gonna resurrect people with her life or do something but nah, she just walked out into the cold and died.
-Arya killing Night King was kinda obvious. You figured that she'd kill NK or Cersei this season. Probably both.
-Wtf was Bran doing? Was he just spectating the whole time? "Gotta go Theon lol. This is boring"
-Seriously how the fuck can they kill Lyanna and not Sam. Fuck Sam

Chitown B

Nov 15, 2017

Not when there's a literal sea of zombies swarming every named character. Most of them should have died... Sam especially, whom we see begging for his life lying on the ground. It just doesn't make sense.
Because Sam is awesome. He's the entire reason they stood any chance. Without his knowledge, there's no dragonglass. He also told Jon of his claim to the throne.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Miami, FL
Why didn't Jon help Sam?
Because he didn't have time. That was supposed to be one of the big moments that would stick with you. We've seen Jon always go out of his way to help Sam over the seasons. This time it was hell on earth, for all the marbles. There was no time. He had to find the NK of *everything* was going to end. He felt the impending loss of Sam, but the big picture forced him to push on.

It was a wonderful moment.


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Oct 25, 2017
the littlfinger storyline in season 7 may be up there with Dorne as one of the dumber storylines if it wasnt for the awesome payoff
I'm probably in the minority with this but Littlefinger went out exactly the way he should, on his knees crying like a little chump because he got too cocky and finally over played his hand.


Oct 27, 2017
"First battle" my ass. Hardhome? Beyond the Wall? Eastwatch?
It's the first time he's fighting an actual organized army and he gets chumped pretty badly.

And lets be honest the reason really is that D&D want to move on and do Star Wars, so this all has to happen in one episode basically because they still have to resolve the Cersei plot and then have a series epilogue only have 6 episodes to do it all in.


Feb 14, 2018
Let's hope this is not the end of the WW.There are still so many questions.They were using babies in the first seasons?why?Who was the NK ?his purpose?

Arya killing the NK was great actually.
Better than some stupid John Snow Vs the NK showdown.
But yeah the "just kill him to defeat the whole army" thing was a bit...meh.

I still don't understand Bran's purpose.
Where were the dragons when John was stupidly facing the zombie dragon?

Episode was too dark also.Hard to see things.


Oct 25, 2017
Also Drogon sure can aim lol. Burning off all those wights but not even singing Jon xD
Yeah lol :D

It felt like that moment with Sansa and Tyrion could go either way between "I'm glad to have known you, let's go out fighting" and "I'm glad to have known you, let's kill ourselves with this dragonglass dagger" for a second there
They've been through a lot, both apart and together. I read it as them realizing they were dead and giving each other strength to go out fighting.
Yeah, I agree, I wasn't sure which of the two ways that was going until Tyrion got up, which was pretty interesting. It was a great moment.

Then again I loved the ep overall lol.


Oct 25, 2017
I really liked everything about latest ep. Good balance in intensity and loved the first silent buildup. Super ninja at the end felt rather poorly executed though, must been the birds carrying her all the way 😂😂
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