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Game of Thrones S8, Apr 14-May 19 @9PM EDT |OT| Aunt-Man and the Frost

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Oct 25, 2017
Me and my friends used to often wonder who would kill the NK in the end. And honestly a few us were sure it would be Arya.

Jon or Dany seemed too predictable. Whereas with where Arya's story was going we felt this might be her destiny eventually.

The episode pretty much foreshadowed the scene, but then I forgot it had.
I love that Arya was the one who did it. There was foreshadowing from the moments she started training in S1, learning to be sneaky enough to catch a cat, etc. Of all decisions, I think this makes the most sense
They weren't foreshadowing anything from season 1. Benioff and Weiss just said they decided on Arya killing the NK as late as season 6 because Jon Snow was too obvious.
Oct 25, 2017
Walter Frey literally killed like a 1/3 of the leading cast of this show because he was mad about an arranged marriage gone wrong and we have people in this thread laughing at the notion that anyone of serious import would have died in the largest battle the Seven Kingdoms has seen in an age.
Oct 27, 2017
Incredible episode. One of my favorite battle scenes ever. Goose bumps all the way.

I’m wondering though... the move where Arya dropped the dagger into her right hand; had that particular move occured in a previous episode? I felt like I’d seen it somewhere before. Maybe a different movie, if not in GoT?
she did it in her fight against brieanne
Oct 25, 2017
Honestly one of the best things about the episode is that they foreshadowed the ending and still no one saw it coming because of how hopeless it felt
That's why all of the "What, Arya!? She came out of nowhere! Deus ex Arya!" complaints that were more vocal right after the episode dropped were so weak. It was heavily foreshadowed what was going to happen, but it still felt like a surprise. That's good directing and editing.
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