Games that visually can withold the test of time without being cell shaded/cartoonish.

Jan 19, 2018
Not sure if this is what OP had in mind, but I think the whole Wipeout series holds up and will continue to do so (except Fusion maybe). Wish Studio Liverpool was still around...

Wipeout (1995)

Wipeout XL (1996)

Wipeout 64 (1998)

Wip3out (1999)

Wipeout Fusion (2002)

Wipeout Pure (2005)

Wipeout Pulse (2007)

Wipeout HD/Fury (2008)

Wipeout 2048 (2012)

HD Port Wipeout Omega Collection (2017)
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Mar 18, 2018
Depends what you mean by cartoonish. Going through the Bioshock collection now and these games are absolutely gorgeous still, if the human models are heavily stylised.

Any game trying to pass off as photorealistic is rarely gonna stand the test of time.
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Oct 25, 2017
Resident Evil REmake on Gamecube still looks fantastic to this day due to it's blending of pre-rendered backgrounds and great character models/lighting.

Came here to rep Half Life 2.

Yeah, it's gotten some minor HDR upgrades from the Orange Box update, but go back and load up that game and be shocked it came out the same month as Halo 2. If you want to be even more amazed, give yourself a replay with Half Life 2: Update. It's a free community update on Steam that fixes bugs that have accrued over the years and ups the quality of the lighting a bit while keeping the same textures and models. Was running it at 1080p downscaled and it still is quite the looker. (Screenshots are from Half Life 2: Update. Click to see full size.)

These two by far, with the 2002 remake of Resident Evil being on top.

I definitely feel that there are games this gen also achieving this, but we need more time to see what's what with next-gen.


Dec 14, 2017
I think many ps2 era games like God of War and final fantasy x still hold up.

The ps1 and ps3 gen on the other hand, not so much. Although I do think Uncharted 2/3, TLOU and God of War 3 will still hold up for quite some time due to the very strong art direction.

Basically, imo: Art direction whether realistic or cartoonist, will always triumph over pretty graphical settings.


Oct 29, 2017
Every polygonal game that I consider favorite of all time, like Witcher 3, half life 2, mass effect 1&2, assassin's Creed brotherhood, uncharted 4, dark souls will stand the test of time. Every games that I don't think much of it, like horizon zero dawn , bioshock series, spiderman, bloodborne won't.
Nov 17, 2017
I think Final Fantasy 12 looks amazing on PS2. The HD version is obviously even better looking but the PS2 version still stands up today.

I think this is the most used out-of-context gif used across all of Gaf/Era.

Like I've never seen someone post it and actually type anything else to identify what the fuck it's from and I still don't know. It's like the guy in the gif is shaking his head at me saying "You better not ask."


Oct 28, 2017

Quake 1 looks amazing without the texture filtering making everything a blurry mess.
And that's not even including mods like Arcane Dimensions with its AMAZING architecture:

Absolutely. Anytime I play Quake or Quake 2, I turn off all filtering. I absolutely love the clean point-filtered look. Arcane Dimensions is incredible.

I'll toss in Virtua Fighter V from 2006!

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Oct 27, 2017
Absolutely. Anytime I play Quake or Quake 2, I turn off all filtering. I absolutely love the clean point-filtered look. Arcane Dimensions is incredible.

I'll toss in Virtua Fighter V from 2006!

Even VF4 on PS2 (2002) looks amazing with increased resolutions

(Apologies for the blurriness, there's a dearth of good PCSX2 screens for this game)


Apr 6, 2018
I was playing some more destiny 2 today (as you do) and in the middle of a vex offensive in the new expansion realized that this game on PC looks fucking incredible still. And i dont think time is going to make it look any worse. I think games have gotten to a point that they will always look good. This isnt like gta 3 days or anything. Shit just looks good.

What other games do you think visually will stand the test of time?

I mean 3d games of course. sorry.
Honestly Destiny 2 doesn't look that much more impressive than Destiny 1, so I would have said D1 is more impressive in that aspect.

However, Destiny is heavily stylized, bordering on "cartoonish", so it's not really an answer.


Nov 10, 2017
I think games with a lot of organic-metallic shapes should hold up well since those are fairly easy for gaming hardware to render. Stuff like Warframe's designs should hold up.

Also Doom 3, outside of its human characters:

I don't think this footage is from there but the game was on the original Xbox!