GameStop play pass: $60 for 6 months of "rentals" and keep a game at the end

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Virtua, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Virtua

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    Found this, seems like a really good deal, of you can find plenty of newer games used at local stores. I have about a dozen stores within driving distance so I might save some money doing this and pick up games later when price drops.


    $60 for 6 months of "rentals" from any GameStop store's used inventory. You bring the game back to any store and pick out another. At the end you can keep the last game you rent out.

    If the last game is a full $60 game new that's a great deal and cheaper/easier than gamefly.
  2. Xer0

    Xer0 Member

    If there really aren't any stipulations on releases, I'm in.

    Should note, you need to be a PowerUp Rewards member.
  3. Deft Beck

    Deft Beck Member

    I have a feeling that this is going to negatively affect the overall condition of the pre-owned library; rental copies of disc-based video games were always the worst-kept merchandise in any video store.
  4. Bigkrev

    Bigkrev Member

    Yeah, this actually looks like a hell of a deal, especially if you are someone with significantly more time than money (ie, a student). $10 a month to swap games as much as you want, plus you go in and get the game with the highest trade value on the last day to keep, or trade in on the spot.
  5. Nacho

    Nacho Member

    That's a winwin cuz they'll everything as new in the end anyway.
  6. digitalrelic

    digitalrelic Member

    That seems like a ridiculously good deal to me.
  7. Gestault

    Gestault Member

    That...actually seems like it would be a great deal for a lot of people. I mean it makes you engage with the store more actively (which I know is the point), but that's easy to budget around. If it picks up, I wonder if they'll quietly police which items are "out of stock" to keep copies of higher-demand games around to sell.
  8. Sexy Fish

    Sexy Fish Member

    As someone who would fuck up a Movie Gallery or BlockBuster for rentals, this shit seems good.
  9. Musubi

    Musubi Member

    Surprisingly, this sounds like potentially the best thing Gamestop has done in years. If my nearest store wasn't so far away from me I might actually try it out ?
  10. Hoo-doo

    Hoo-doo Member

    That deal sounds pretty damn good, nearly unlimited games to rent for the price of two games a year, and you get to keep two games as well.
    It depends heavily on the selection of games you'll be able to rent, would it include brand new releases?
  11. Dukie85

    Dukie85 Member

    This... doesn't actually sound too bad, to be honest. My nearest Gamestop is a ways away, but I am a PUR Pro member, so I may look into it.
  12. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    Seems like a really good deal. I'm not sure I play often enough to make the most of it, but for anyone who plays at least a game per month it's probably worth it.
  13. Virtua

    Virtua Member Original Poster

    Impotant to note that during the pilot of this program, even higher priced used items like fire emblem fates special edition and Mario+sonic Olympics for wiiu were eligible for keeping at the end of the program.
  14. Bigg

    Bigg Member

    Damn. I might actually do this. That's a super good deal.
  15. BadWolf

    BadWolf Member

    I'd be all over this if it came to Canada :/
  16. Vilix

    Vilix Member

    It sounds good. But with Gamestop there's always a catch.
  17. Virtua

    Virtua Member Original Poster

    The fine print says that if the game is not returned in same condition as taken they can refuse to take it back. If you destroy the game they won't take it back until you buy a used copy to replace it with basically. Meaning you can't rent out another game without paying for the one you wrecked.
  18. Einbroch

    Einbroch Member

    While great in theory, if this catches on you'll never find a newer game to rent. But for those who want those games that released in early 2017? Seems nice.
  19. Bigkrev

    Bigkrev Member

    Yeah, it sounds like the way it works is
    1.) You get the pass
    2.) You can take ANY Pre-owned Game home
    3.) at any point in the subscription window, you can return the item and select another item
    4.) At the end of the subscription period, you can no longer return games. Thus, you "own" whatever the last thing you bought.

    It means that if you take home your game on day 1 and break it in half 2 days later, you are "done" with the program, as you can't exchange it, and you will own it at the end of 6 months. If you take out a game and never remember to go back, you just end up owning that first game you took out
  20. Golding

    Golding Member

    Not bad - good deal - just shocked this is coming from gamestop company. normally these guys are anti-consumers , hence their game trade in value. In any case, good stuff - just wondering what's the actual catch in all this?
  21. Kill3r7

    Kill3r7 Member

    It really depends on what is available. I suspect most of the recent releases will never be in stock.
  22. J_Viper

    J_Viper Member

    Fuck here's another thing I need to push on people in store
  23. Dukie85

    Dukie85 Member

    Theoretically, this would mean being able to get the latest game for free if they had any used copies on hand at the time, huh?
  24. Yukinari

    Yukinari Member

    How long is the list of stuff employees usually push on customers now?

    Pro membership, current triple A game pre-orders, used games and this?
  25. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross Member

    This sounds too good to be true.

    Most likely all the good games are going to be taken out, just like back in the rental days.
  26. Virtua

    Virtua Member Original Poster

    I think like many retail businesses they are desperate to get people in the door and buying stuff. So they are trying different things.

    The hope is that getting you in the store looking for a certain title maybe they can sell you on a new copy instead or maybe you will see some collectible trinket you will buy.

    If you haven't been in one of their stores in a while many of them have half the store as collectible nerd pop culture trinkets now. Funko pops and t-shirts and figures and coffee mugs, etc.
  27. mute

    mute Member

    Seems great, but if you go in looking for used games in general instead of having one previous owner now it now may have passed through dozens of people.
  28. Mars

    Mars Member

    I do not envy you guys. One of many aspects of working in retail I hate. Promoting services, insurance/protection plans, etc. are the worst.
  29. Bigkrev

    Bigkrev Member

    They expect that there are going to be a percentage of people who use this like I used Netflix back when you needed to have a disc sub- I would rent a movie, and forget I had it for 8 months before returning it. They expect another percentage of people are going to try to "game" the system, and will be setting foot in the store multiple times a week- which is something retail stores desperately want people to do (you get more chances to sell them something).
  30. Cardon

    Cardon Member

    This surprisingly seems decent. May have to check it out and make my first trip to a GameStop in four years.

    I wonder how, if any, GameFly may counter this move by GS.
  31. Dukie85

    Dukie85 Member

    They could start by lowering the prices. It's kinda expensive at current.
  32. HardRojo

    HardRojo Member

    Sounds too good to be true. Say you keep a high value game at the end ($45), you only spent $15 in 6 months to play virtually all the new releases during that period. There has to be a catch.
  33. Einbroch

    Einbroch Member

    GameFly is cheaper than this if you use the gift certificates, and you can get 2 games out at a time for about $2 more/month.
  34. Deft Beck

    Deft Beck Member

    Perhaps Gamefly will partner with Best Buy or Walmart to access similar retail channels.
  35. necrosis

    necrosis Member

    sounds like a good deal tbh, assuming the library of used titles doesn't get stripped of all its good games (which it probably will)

    i might have to give it a shot either way
  36. Kyle Cross

    Kyle Cross Member

    The catch is all the high profile games will constantly be rented out. It's hard enough to find used copies to buy of the newest games.
  37. Daffy Duck

    Daffy Duck Member

    I await GAME copying this, seems too good to be true.
  38. shintoki

    shintoki Member

    Sounds good.
  39. Xer0

    Xer0 Member

    Honestly, I'll temporarily cancel my GameFly account for six month when this starts. Hopefully they get competitive, because this is an infinitely better deal.
  40. DarkConfidant

    DarkConfidant Member

    Interesting, if no strings. I'd hate to do this, but then the game I actually want is not available, so I rent other stuff instead.

    Basically, what I didn't like about Blockbuster, back in el dia.

    Everything has its own insurance plan now. Some new stuff has guides when you pick it up. It's an awful consumer experience.
  41. CaptainNuevo

    CaptainNuevo Member

    The effectiveness of that plan is that your gamestop has to have used copies of all those new releases, and you have to get there while someone else hasn't already checked it out. In theory you can do that, but in actuality it's maybe not feasible.
  42. j0hnniX

    j0hnniX Member

    It's just too good...way too good of a deal. I'll wait for more info. There has to be some twist to this Cinderella story..
  43. #43
    My main reservation is that I don't trust my local Gamestop to have sufficient stock of the games I would want. If I still lived in DFW where there is a Gamestop every 100 feet, I would totally do this.
  44. JetBlackPanda

    JetBlackPanda Member

    Great deal but it will be cut throat on the shelves. I can see the used section being a wasteland now.
  45. AegonSnake

    AegonSnake Member

    Pretty good deal. But i hope there is a way to check which stores have the games I want. I have always wanted a rental service every since Blockbuster went bankrupt. i dont mind paying $10 a month to rent games I wouldnt normally buy.
  46. HardRojo

    HardRojo Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if GS decided to allocate some uses copies for this program, whole keeping others for sales only, they're in their right to do that I suppose.
  47. Cardon

    Cardon Member

    Yeah that would certainly help. Despite being a GF member since 2007 I did have to stop recently since the prices were getting a bit high for my budget.
  48. #48
    This sounds really good. I have multiple gamestop’s and this to me is far better than gamefly’s wait times.
  49. hughesta

    hughesta Member

    This seems like a crazy good deal
  50. Einbroch

    Einbroch Member

    Do you do the gift certificate exploit?

    Buy a three month gift certificate and gift it to yourself.

    $12/month for 2 games out.
    $9/month for 1 game out.