GDC Survey: Devs More Interested in PS5 Than XSX or even Switch; 40% Think EGS Will Be a Success

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Nov 20, 2017
Kingdom of Corona

As usual ahead of GDC, the organizers have conducted a survey among game developers. The report just came in, and it's very interesting to look at. For instance, it seems like among consoles interest for the upcoming PlayStation 5 is higher than Xbox Series X (38% vs 25%), and the PS5 even manages to narrowly beat the Nintendo Switch (37%). PC remains king, though, with 50% of the preferences.
The GDC survey also asked developers whether they are focused on next-generation platforms, current-generation platforms, or both. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latter two options still dominate the results with 22% and 34%, respectively, while only 5% of the participants in the survey are developing a next-gen only game. The remaining 39% replied that they don't know yet at this time.

A section of the survey was specifically dedicated to the ongoing PC digital stores war. The GDC report suggests developers believe 15% would be an adequate fee for Steam, instead of the current 30%. Only 6% of the developers are okay with the current deal.
Additionally, 40% of the participants in the GDC survey are convinced the Epic Games store will turn out to be a success in the long run, while 35% replied 'Maybe', 18% 'Don't Know', and only 7% said no outright.
Full article at Wccftech


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
...but also way more are interested in PC, but who wants to read that kind of article title.


Oct 27, 2017
Isn't PC by far the easiest platform to develop for? That would explain why it's so popular.


Jan 14, 2019
Third party support on Switch largely comes from indie developers. Not sure how well represented they are at GDC. Would love to see their opinion on current/future consoles

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Oct 31, 2017
OP trying to start a console war and launcher war in the same thread with that title.

I don’t think this forum could handle it
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