Gearbox Software teasing yet ANOTHER game (Borderlands 2 Switch?) for PAX East showcase (28/3 @ 2PM)

Oct 27, 2017
They have said they didn't like OP levels turned out which is why pre-sequel didn't have them and I thought the scaling for non OP levels was fine given how silly your damage was with a lot of the legendary/pearl/seraph stuff
TPS scaling was indeed a humongous improvement. The problem with OP scaling wasn't necessarily the balance of combat; if your gear was up to snuff with that of your enemies, you were fine. The problem was grinding out every single gear slot with each new level so you could fight enemies and not be instantly deleted.
Oct 29, 2017
Are we assuming it's a Switch version since the game is pretty much elsewhere or is there anything that means it could be a Switch version?


Aug 20, 2018
Is Borderlands 2 the next skyrim i.e. it's gonna available for everything under the sun?

Last i checked, i have an android version of borderlands 2 available for the nvidia Shield as well.
Oct 25, 2017
Hoping it's the handsome collection and not just BL2. If so i can only assume they're doing this purely because other than Warframe, there are no other types of games like this on switch right now. You cant do BL2 only when you have the likes of destiny and the division in the room with you. It would stink of a similar situation reguarding mass effect 3 being full price on Wii U while the other consoles got all 3 games for one price.
Mar 11, 2019
So if this is Borderlands' debut on Switch then this is what we can expect:
- Only 2, No Pre-Sequel
- Full Priced
- 30fps with drops
- 900p Docked/600p Handheld
- No gyro aiming
- No voice chat for co-op
- Icon that's literally just the guy shooting himself in the head
I'd be shocked if even half of those were wrong.
This is pretty trollish. You realize Borderlands 2 is a PS3 game ya? We can easily expect it to function much closer to the Handsome collection release. Probably unlocked framerate that hovers around 45. Ful 1080p docked and 720p handheld. All the QOL and some of the visual enhancements from handsome collection, and Pre-sequel included as a free download.

Probly gyro aim, integrated voice chat, and HD rumble.

In an ideal world it would also come with a 3rd person option when not in iron sight mode because it would make handheld play much smoother and easier to navigate tricky jump and maneuvers. I was sad they didn't consider that for the Vita BL3, then again, it was a pretty bare bones port.