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Gears 5 |OT| "That's FIVE, motherfuckers!"

Slicer Dyster

Slicer Dyster

Dec 20, 2017
Gears 5 OT
Genre: Action third-person shooter
Release date: September 5th at 9 pm local time (early access) & September 10th for standard release
Platforms: Xbox one and pc
Developers: The Coalition and Splash Damage.


A Seran odyssey
Gears 5 will feature the freshest and breathtaking vistas in the entire Gears of War saga. Flourishing green jungles, sulfuric red deserts and light-blue arctic areas. The game is broken up into two sorts of levels: linear-focused and a sub-open world where you can explore that area at your own pace. Gears 5 introduces a new vehicle called the Skiff.

Jack of All trades
Jack, the JACKbot, is back in Gears 5 and this time with a bigger role than ever before. Throughout the campaign, you will be able to upgrade your jackbot with different abilities like shocking enemies, giving your teammates extra health or cloaking your teammates. Jack is playable via 3-player coop.

Bound by Blood
The campaign focuses on Kait Diaz, former Outsider who is the grand-daughter of Locust Queen Myrrah. Right after the end of Gears 4, she has been getting visions about nightmare-ish outcomes and visions that make her question who she is supposed to be loyal to.

No longer a relic
Along your journey, you will find all sorts of collectibles ranging from story-driven artefacts up to items that will change the way how you play the game. Items like resources, upgrades for your Jackbot and Relic weapons which are weapons made for a specific playstyle. Examples are a Boltok which is meant for hip firing or a sniper rifle that will shoot two bullets when scoped in.


Suicide Squad
The mission is simple: get caught by one of the Snatchers, infiltrate the hive, plant a venom bomb in the heart of the hive and escape while you're chased by that same venomous gas. Simple, right! You might die though so just a heads-up.

My ultimate is charged!
Each character has its own set of passive and active abilities. Wait for your ultimate to charge and then at the right time, activate your ultimate to change the tide of battle and either increase your chance at survival... or just make your team so pissed that they rage quit... It's up to you soldier!

Danger is better with friends!
This new gamemode can be played with up to three people. Don't have anyone to play with? Don't worry, two fellow AI soldiers will accompany you during this dangerous escape. Are you holding a pizza dinner with friends? Even better! You can play Escape with local splitscreen coop.

Build your own hives.
The brand new Map builder mode allows you to create your very own hive. Very similar to Doom's (2016) SnapMap mode, you can place pre-made levels and set the amount of enemies per level. It's up to you whether you want to make a cozy chill friday evening level OR if you want to make the most cruel and utterly insane map that the community has ever seen. You're able to share your own custom map via an intuitive online sharing system.

Who ya gonna call? Hivebusters!
Team Scorpio is the name of the new Squad. Originated from the comic book set in the Gears of War universe called "Hivebusters", this squad will make it's game debut via Escape. Lahni Kaliso is a classified scout who likes to slice and dice her way through hordes of enemies. Her ultimate is an electrically-charged knife attack that stuns and damages enemies. Leslie Callister is a former Outsider turned Gear. Mac is specialized in tanking damage and is able to pull up a shield that defends the hivebusters from incoming damage. Jeremiah Keegan is a veteran Onyx Guard. He is the squad leader of Team Scorpio. He provides support to Team Scorpio and can use his ultimate to provide the much needed ammo in times of scarcity.

Classic Horde with a twist.
The 50-waves long "Player vs Enemy" experience returns in Gears 5. One of the new features is character-based ultimate abilities. All available characters will have distinct passives and active abilities ranging from being able to cloak yourself while in combat or being able to use x-ray so you can shoot through any obstacle on the map.

Each time you level up a character, you earn skill cards. These cards will give you passive bonuses taht can help you out during the most challenging waves. Bonuses such as a higher movement speed, receiving less damage while in cover or building fortifications for a cheaper price. You can upgrade skill cards by using duplicates or crafting duplicates using Scrap. Skill cards are not purchasable via real-life money.

Power for everyone!
When you kill an enemy or when your built fortification gets destroyed, it'll leave some power on the ground for you and your teammates to pick up. Power allows you to build more fortifications like turrets, decoys, fences, etc. Contrary to Gears 4, all players will receive an equal cut of power when picked up. Each 10 waves, a power tap will appear that you can control for even more power for every wave that your team controls it.

Never alone.
Did somebody just leave your Horde game at wave 39 or do you want to enjoy Horde without the need of going online and playing with randoms? No worries, you can toggle up to four different AI soldiers who will join your game and help you out in battle. They are however a bit weaker than the usual heroes that you'll come across in Gears 5, but any support is still better than no support at all!

Versus: Arcade

Heroes and the Swarm
You will pick from a selection of characters, each with their own unique active/passive abilities and distinct equipment loadout. It is very similar to a hero shooter-like experience mixed with the core of Gears Versus multiplayer. If you aren't a fan of the "gnasherfest" that the series' multiplayer has been known for, you can definitely check out this mode and who knows, maybe you finally make that click with Gears multiplayer.

Skulls and Glory.
Each character has an unique "bounty". For completing a bounty, like eliminating a character via a headshot, you will get a skull. You can spend these in-game skulls to buy weapons in a Counter-Strike like way bu tthis time at any moment during the match. These weapons vary from incendiary grenades to the new melee-focused Breaker Mace weapon.

Versus: Escalation

Ultimate domination!
The objective in Escalation is to control three rings on the map long enough to gain 250 points. Standing in a ring for several seconds will capture it. Controlling all rings simultaneously for 6 seconds is an auto win for the team. If your team hits 7 won rounds first, you won the match. Each player is given five lives at the start and you'll get one more life after the end of each round. If a team has no lives left, they will lose that round.

Pick me up!
Matches start out with no pick-up weapons. After each round is completed, respawn times increase and the losing team can place weapons anywhere on the map. At halftime, all weapons that have been placed will disappear and all three rings will randomly change place. After a round is completed, both teams can place a weapon on the map, upgrade existing weapons, activate a new loadout option or even play it dirty by disabling the opposing team's chosen weapon for three rounds.

Additional information:

Go Ultimate!
If you have Xbox Game Pass ultimate or if you bought the Ultimate edition, you'll get the following benefits:
- early access: play Gears 5 (including all multiplayer modes) four days earlier starting on September 6th
- halo reach character pack
- 30 days of XP boost
- steelbook (physical only)

Tour of Duty
A new system in Gears of War that is based on daily challenges and seasonal medals. For each rank-up, you will earn customization content ranging from character skins, weapon skins, banners, emblems, executions, blood splatters, etc. There is no premium or pay-only content in Tours of Duty. Content will vary depending on the current season.

Supply Drops
Every minute you play contributes to a random item drop from an unique pool of content. If you draw a duplicate card, you will automatically get Scrap which you can use to craft other types of items/cosmetics or to upgrade character skills for Escape/Horde. Supply drops cannot be purchased with real-world money.
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Sep 1, 2019
All good things must come to an end, but most things aren't Gears/GOW.
Oct 26, 2017
Hoping this can capture the magic of the firs two games (i really didnt like 4). I haven't been paying any attention at all to this entry but the IP is special to me.


Oct 25, 2017
First time I'm playing a Gears at launch thanks to Game Pass. Played through some of the campaigns and some Horde and multiplayer here and there, but I always was kinda disappointed about how linear and repetitive most games felt, with generic characters, similar visual style all the time and so on. This game looks gorgeous graphically, I'm intrigued about the new lead, the open world-ish and RPG elements seem like a great way to break the habit, and in general everything points at this being the most creative and ambitious Gears yet. I'm excited to play it, which is saying something considering I don't think I have more than 25 hours combined on all Gears games (including betas and such). Given the sheer amount of content, the apparent polish and the ambitions, I'm expecting it to do rather well on Metacritic, and with a Steam launch, all tiers of Game Pass, Play Anywhere and whatnot, I'm sure this will be the most played Gears in its first months. Bring it!


Feb 12, 2018
Amazing OT.

Is what I want to say, but the damn thing is still loading for me lol.

Oh man, gears hype is on!


Oct 25, 2017
Russian Federation
Yes.... yes... my hype meter is climbing to expected levels for a Gears release!

4 was fantastic, hopefully this one is even better. Time to dethrone Gears of War 2.


Oct 25, 2017
Long Island
I still can't believe Microsoft is giving this with game pass. I don't know how to describe the excitement of how I don't have to come up with $60 right now to play this. It's mine to play and will be waiting for me.

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May 3, 2019
Hot damn if this isn’t the most beautiful OT I have ever seen. Well done OP!

One thing though, early access is on the 5th and not the 6th


Feb 12, 2018
I still can't believe Microsoft is giving this with game pass. I don't know how to describe the excitement of how I don't have to come up with $60 right now to play this. It's mine to play and will be waiting for me.
Yep, it feels damn surreal.
I've been hearing great things about Astral Chain, for example, but hell if I have 80 CAD to just take out and buy it.

Gamepass is king.


Oct 28, 2017
Holy crap that is one slick looking OP. The GIFs within the images are awesome.


Oct 25, 2017
That's a fucking beautiful OT Slicer!

Hype is at uncontrollable levels!


Editor/Writer at Joypad.dk
Oct 26, 2017
Looks like Ninja will be streaming it "first" tonight..