Geoff Keighley is skipping E3


Jun 11, 2018
He is going to other shows, so it isn’t like he is doing this for TGAs.
for sure, but there has to be a positive impact for the TGA's if developers don't view E3 as a viable or worthwhile place to showcase games or put marketing budget towards. Geoff has worked hard at making the TGA's successful and I am absolutely not saying what he is doing is in any way nefarious, but come on, theres no way he doesn't know that without E3's old clout the TGA will be more impactful


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Oct 25, 2017
Cape Cod, MA
E3 used to be something I would take the week off for. But...

Writing has been on the wall for years. I don't need everything slapped together into four crazy days. There will still be big events and big announcements. They just wouldn't all be at the same time, and that's probably no bad thing.

I'm really looking forwards to the PS5 and Xbox Series X big unveilings. Whether they happen one day after the other in LA or not doesn't really matter.


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Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
E3 is about as useful as a wet fart these days. No point even tuning in anymore. Well, perhaps for Ubisoft. But like, that’s it.


Oct 25, 2017
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The funniest part of your response is that even though it looks like a joke, it isn't.

Maybe I should change my name to Wario Falconpunch and see if I can get a job at NoA.
You're an idiot

All three of the major game companies — Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's Xbox — are members of the ESA. (Xbox head Phil Spencer and Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser both sit on the organization's board.) In the wake of Sony eschewing E3, both of its competitors have voiced support for the convention — without namedropping Sony.

“We look forward to participating in E3 2020. It is one of many ideal venues for us this year to interact with people in a social and immersive environment," Bowser tells THR in an emailed statement. "Every year, we base our approach to E3 on the content we have to share.”


Oct 25, 2017
To have so many people bailing out of E3 in the same year we're getting two brand new consoles is all kinds of crazy. Guess the time of E3 is really past.


Oct 25, 2017
some people may not think E3 has been an “incredible show” for a while now. E3 was also not the only way, especially not nowadays, for consumers to be informed. Even when it was at its height, we were still at the whim of whatever these companies deemed us worthy to see. That hasn’t changed. It’s not like companies were ever obligated to show us a specific amount of content every E3. This is not some anti-consumer issue.

I’m all for getting hyped and seeing new games. E3 is not the only way for that to happen.
This is where I'm at

The Game Awards
Xbox X0
Nintendo Directs
State of Plays
Random Twitch Streams

There are a plethora of avenues to reach millions of consumers and build hype these days. And personally I like having events and reveals spread throughout the year.


Mar 6, 2018
Probably a mixture of the last few being a bit disappointing, the ESA revealing themselves to be a bunch of incompetent fuckwits these last couple of years, and the fact that renting out a theatre to show trailers back to back isn’t necessary anymore.
Yeah the data leak was bad. Although I do love the stage shows. I dont get the same hype from Nintendo directs, although I seem to be in the minority.


Feb 6, 2018
Wasn‘t Keighley also organizing Judges Week right ahead of E3? That probably won‘t happen then either and that‘s where a lot of outlets got their hands-on time without all that E3 chaos.


Oct 25, 2017
E3 died the second that data leak happened. Complete disregard for any kind of security or responsibility on behalf of the ESA.

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Oct 28, 2017
Come on, there is more to this, much more. E3 has been on decline for a few years and the security breach last year together with the focus on celebrities and influencers this year is a very good reason not to attend.
The decline of E3 is a shame & i think a bad thing for the industry.
To have such an event every year is exciting and i feel it’s a shame companies like Sony are adding to the decline.
I thought a gaming forum would agree with this....

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Nov 15, 2017
Savannah, GA
All these people saying E3 is dead; have you ever actually been to an E3? Regardless of the drama surrounding it, its an incredible event to go to in person. And people arent going to stop attending. Its not going to die lol.


Oct 25, 2017
I hope I speak for all my Euro friends when I say E3 dying is a blessing in disguise. No more staying up for crap.


Oct 25, 2017
E3 was an excuse for everyone in the gaming industry to show up and give a press conference. If everyone decides to dump E3 and meet up once a year and give a press conference then E3 is irrelevant
Was. Times change, just like E3 did. E3 is already irrelevant. Everyone already saw this coming when they read about the E3 rebranding. The amount of negativity I’ve seen around it kinda just speaks for itself. I can already imagine all the Twitch “influencer” cringe. All the insufferable celebrities that lie about playing video games while visibly laughing on the inside.

Let it go, you’ll be ok.



Oct 25, 2017
E3 can't be done through video alone, as there is a lot of physical gathering and networking that happens in the industry. I also imagine that a lot of game demos are easier to show to the press in person.

But maybe the marketers and media outlets are figuring there are better ways? I don't know for sure, but a centralized week of that stuff must have made it easier to plan and budget for.

The thing about the data breach is that, while I think the topic is very serious, plenty of institutions have bounced back (sometimes undeservedly) from data breaches. If people really wanted to keep E3 around, they would let ESA fix the data breach issue and move on. The apparent exodus seems to be something that didn't need the data breach to happen.

I will also say, I dont think the TGAs are some kind of fix for the E3 'problem', and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the TGA also has less-than-secure data practices. It's very common.


Oct 25, 2017
I am surprised especially in a console launch year.

I would not be surprised if Sony did get Geoff to do the reveal for the PS5 or become the face of the PS5. With the reshuffle within PlayStation we don't see any potential personality executives like Tretton. Shawn Layden seemed to hate being on stage. I think he like the behind the scenes better.

I think Geoff would be a good choice.


Oct 25, 2017
All these people saying E3 is dead; have you ever actually been to an E3? Regardless of the drama surrounding it, its an incredible event to go to in person. And people arent going to stop attending. Its not going to die lol.
I think they mean as the event for every gamer to get excited about, that is over already.
It will carry on as an event i'm sure.