Giant Bomb |OT 13| I Want To Turn Into A Wolf And Shloot

Nov 2, 2017
I've been playing Fire Emblem Awakening lately (the only other FE game I've dumped much time into was Fates, which I loved for a good 80 hours) and the fact that both Chrom and Robin aren't allowed to die is a fucking hassle. I play on casual (because who has time for permadeath) and I'm still having trouble clearing certain missions because chrom gets punched at the last minute. I know I should just play better but dang
p.s. donnel
Turn Robin into a dark mage, buy a bunch of nosferatu once they're unlocked in the shop at ch 13, pair chrom with him, field no one else, and hit the end and skip turn buttons until no more enemies. That's how I beat the game's shitty Lunatic mode after Frederick carried the first part
Oct 27, 2017
About 2 hours into DMCV, still only played as Nero. Enjoying it well enough, having a hard time getting my fingers back into the DMC groove, but getting some of the basic moves unlocked helps. I am definitely not good at insta-revving the Red Queen anymore.
Oct 27, 2017
The cheapest place to buy Sekiro for PC is on Amazon, where I'm pretty sure they're gonna send me a physical thing in the mail that has a download code on it. I'd rather not support this type of distribution, but it is $28AUD cheaper than buying on Steam so what are you gonna do.
Oct 26, 2017
Division 2 soundtrack is fantastic too. Wish it was more frequent though. Most exploring is natural ambience.
Ehh.. I'll see what I think about it when I get access to the full game in a couple hours, the fighting music sort of feels like someone said, "hey guys! Remember the 80s? Stranger Things amirite? This kind of music is totally a good fit for a Tom Clancy game."

This is going to be a watershed moment for the entire streamer culture thing. PDP has cultivated a terrorist following.
Don't worry Sinder, the rest of the streamer community will finally turn on PDP and call him out for his bulls- heh, yeah I couldn't keep that going, these assholes are gonna circle the wagons haard.