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Oct 25, 2017

#20: This game rocks

Remember Gravel? The game that made Vinny question if Scott Walker was a real person? Well it turned out to be a competent racing game.

Besides the cheesy FMV for boss battles, Gravel is all about racing. Off road, stadium, trucks, cars. Gravel was a fine distraction for me when it was released and while it’s not memorable by any means, it’s a fine video game. There’s a rewind feature for when you mess up your run and the exotic locations are majestic but Gravel finishes with the Bronze in our racing games podium for 25 Days of Blitzmas!

25. We Happy Few
24. Pool Panic
23. Danger Zone 2
22. Mutant Football League
21. Wheel of Fortune (Switch)
20. Gravel
Oct 27, 2017
Man, Isabelle's moveset (in Smash) is so charming; I had no idea until seeing her in action how powerful she was.

Smash Ultimate Smush might be the most charming game ever made.
Breezys GoTY Content Drought Total Warhammer 2 Diary, providing you entertainment while Giant Bomb settles GoTY:
Breezy has been absorbed by the mad power of the Sword of Khaine
Hello and welcome to another entry to Breezys campaign into destroying everything around him in the Elf land of Ulthuan. Previous entries are here:(Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4).

In todays adventure, it was a matter of reconciliation and fortifying my kingdom. Or so I thought. Firstly, I sent out my closest lieutenant to loot a nearby pirate cove. Unfortunately we were beset by pirates before we could get the treasure, and it did not go well. At all.

My lieutenant managed to make it out with a few surviving units. I should have realized then that I was down a dangerous path, but not even I knew the extent of madness that the Sword of Khaine had consumed me. To all, I was unstoppable. The scribemasters told me that Chaos warriors nearby held Waypoints, which I needed to gain control of the Vortex that empowers all the magic in the world. So I went with my main force to them. My trusted Nobleman, High Mage, and the majority of my forces. We were all wiped out. Except for me.

As my units were withdrawing around me, I drew the the attention of half their army. I stood there alone on my mount, striking fear into them and killing them one by one, to give my remaining archers time to escape. My Great Eagle went to flank a mammoth, who was running down archers, it perished however.

When the Eagle was gored, I started moving in to provide cover for my archers. I had the power of a God but I still needed my zealots in order to win this.

After rallying my troops, we stood for the remaining forces of Chaos.

As the enemy was shot down, they finally retreated. And then I didn't stop. I chased them down. Engaged in battle with them. Again.

And Again. I needed blood for my sword.

I lost the majority of my forces. My Kingdom is wary of me since I continue to hold the Sword of Khaine. I had the opportunity to return it to its rightful place, but I kept it. I need to destroy my enemy and take control of my island, and I will do it through Iron and Blood.
Good stuff!

I am always up for more Tales of Waaagh.
Oct 25, 2017
Can't believe Keighly found a way to incorporate trending gamer into the fabric of his show before he even started. Truly a master at work
Oct 26, 2017
Really excited to touch DMCV as I'm a virgin in the genre

Still have Bayo for the Switch that I will one day boot up
That was sorta me in 2013 and Metal Gear Rising and DmC introduced me to the genre. Based on DMCIV...I'd suggest you start with something more straightforward like the aforementioned to teach you what is actually going on. Cuz I played through Bayonetta and a fair bit of the earlier DMCs without really "getting" it, but the babymode games helped me learn. Now I love these goddamn things.
Oct 25, 2017
bayonetta was probably my first actual character action game and I thought that was a fine introduction. you do have to get used to the concept that you will die a lot the first time through, or get really low scores, partially because you're not used to the mechanics yet and partially because the way they build the games you don't unlock a bunch of tools until after your first runthrough of the story mode.
Oct 25, 2017
Santa is coming in a few weeks

There’s always hope
will santa knock some bloody sense into these pathetic 'uhhhh why don't you just TALK to the racist fuckshits who want to wipe you and your genderfluid friends and family from the earth' people (almost invariably white dudes, weird that)
Oct 28, 2017
will santa knock some bloody sense into these pathetic 'uhhhh why don't you just TALK to the racist fuckshits who want to wipe you and your genderfluid friends and family from the earth' people (almost invariably white dudes, weird that)
I think his criteria for actioning a request is if the person is naughty or nice
Oct 25, 2017
Oct 27, 2017
Santa invented centrism. I mean, for goodness sake, he leaves coal for people he doesn't like; so unwilling is he to just refuse to give gifts to them, he instead opts to gift them the dead souls he's collected over the years. It really doesn't get more passive-aggressive-yet-toothless than that.


The Flagpole is Wider
Oct 25, 2017
I think I might have played a bit of the older DMC games, I remember he had dual pistols, you could jump very high and there were rippin guitars.
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