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Oct 26, 2017
Is Journey on PS4 pro native 4k? Wondering what extra bells and whistles the PC version might have
I doubt it. It runs at 60fps but came oht as a free upgrade before the Pro even existed IIRC. No doubt it'll run like butter on PC, though. The game had no performance PROBLEMS before, it's just a question of how much a modern PC will help bump it. If it was made to run well on a PS4 it's most of the way there though.

Also no motion controls I'd guess, but I didn't use them since PS3 anyway.
Oct 25, 2017
see in the game Anthem, 'Anthem' refers to the thing that destroys the planet

just like how in Destiny, 'Destiny' refers to the orb in the sky

can't believe how shameless anthem is in ripping off destiny!
Oct 27, 2017
Y'know, it's actually kinda funny that the Joel McHale "Oh boy!" head-slap moment is what immediately preceded the SonicFox thing. Some of us thought the worst, but then...

Look, I love Supergiant, like I fucking love Pyre, but it's no Journey. Journey is there. Who cares about Hades.

Actually given what Supergiant does it's really weird they have another game sorta ready to play like a year and a bit after their last one.
The minute they said early access I was out. I don't wanna touch your half baked shit, developers. I legit don't know why anyone does this. You get a trickle of money to release an unpolished game and forever taint the name with that impression. Dead Cells is the only one of recent memory that actually broke that cycle.
Eh. Who knows. You’re probably right but honestly until I started posted here more reguarly GamerGate was just some horrible lynch mob in 2014 to me, I wasn’t familiar with most of the watch words people around here seem to be very well versed in.

I think some people who are deep in the social media bubble don’t realise how little attention the average gamer or person pays to that stuff or even the reaction from other side. And honestly most of the time that’s way more healthy for the individual.
He wrote articles smearing Sarkeesian and McIntosh, believe me he knew what Gamergate was.