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Giant pregnant(?) cat hijacked my garage

Nov 21, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
I guess you should do what they said then, just try to block off the hole when it comes out again and keep looking how it behaves.
You gotta EXTRA sure there are no kittens inside alone then, though.

I'm certain the cat isn't taking permanent residence in your garage, and I'm clearly in the "let her do her thing" camp. At least for the time being.
Nov 15, 2017
Cats pant like that when they are distressed (from that video on first page). If you're calling a local shelter (one that doesn't euthanize preferably), see if they can scan for a chip (make sure its not someone's pet), let them take care of it either way and if no owner is found (check with neighbors too) someone can adopt it. I had a cat get loose from a neighbor once and I took care of it for a day since it was hungry, until I found whose it was then gave it back. It was a trained cat though in my scenario.