Gimme your GEMS that PS5 BC has to support or you will throw a tantrum

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Oct 27, 2017
Like many of you I was literally shaking when Cerny dropped the news of PS5 BC not covering every game. But let's be honest, nobody cares if some random Naruto game doesn't work. What we really are worrying about are the GEMS that cannot be allowed to sink with the ship, kinda like Puppeteer on PS3 you know?

So anyway, here's mine. I left some PC multiplats out that, while it would suck if not supported, would be no biggie for me to grab for cheap years from now. I'm mostly concerned about things becoming hard to access:
  • Bloodborne: Like, c'mon now. If this one isn't supported then might as well not have BC at all. This is the time to right the wrong when it comes to the lack of Pro support.
  • God of War: My favourite Sony AAA cinematic game from this gen and the most likely I'd throw in for a random replay. Also the fact that Pro has a mode that runs it at unlocked framerate makes it a likely candidate for running at 60fps.
  • Astro Bot: Arguably the best 1st party title from Sony this gen. Losing this would hurt bad since there is no other game quite like it. Also what would be the fuckin point of having PSVR be compatible with PS5 if Astro Bot isn't supported?
  • Resident Evil 7: While it has a PC port the excellent VR mode is exclusive to PSVR. The second title that is an absolute must to have working for VR.
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5: Such a big upgrade from other versions of this game that there is no going back to the PS2 originals. Few of the games included I play yearly so would suck big time if I had to keep a PS4 around for this.
  • Persona 5 Royal: Little cheating here since I haven't played Royal yet but vanilla P5 is already a GEM so this inherits it's place.
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