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    To get the big one out of the way, the game is listed as Early 2018 and the developers won't say anything beyond that.

    A few tidbits from the article that just went up on Game Informer:


    -Combat is based on prioritizing enemies, it's not as chaotic as in the past. For example certain enemies are resistant to Leviathan which is Kratos Axe, others are impossible to stagger.
    -Use of your surroundings is important to get through combat scenarios. Gives players a few different choices in completing combat scenarios.
    -Leviathan is can be thrown to freeze certain enemies and a button needs to be pushed to summon it back to you.
    -Not sure if this was known, but there's no jump button
    -Shield is used to parry and as well in melee combat
    -Arteus (Kratos' Son) is an extension of Kratos moveset, can be used to attack certain enemies by pushing the square button.
    -While not being directed in combat Aretus will rain arrows on enemies which will increase their stun meter, once they are stunned Kratos can grab the enemies and either rip them apart or use them as weapons. The example given is a specific enemy creates an area of effect attack that launches the rest of the enemies in the air

    -No more jumping or swimming
    -Kratos and Arteus use boats to traverse the environment when appropriate

    Upgrade System:
    -Skills, armor, weapons can all be upgraded
    -Uses some type of crafting system that the developers are being tight lipped about
    -Can craft different types of armor
    -Skill upgrades and crafting of armor applies to Arteus as well
    -There are rune slots on the axe that can change the properties of the weapon for both light and heavy attack

    -Being tight lipped about other weapons appearing in the game, but say that the Axe and Shield are the star of the show.

    -They wanted to get away from the destroy all Gods mentality that they had in previous God of Wars so they Made Kratos more vulnerable. The only time he really goes insane in combat is during Spartan Rage where he starts demolishing characters with just his fists.
    -After Ascension it was hard to get the higher ups to sign off onto another God of War game, they were pretty much done with the franchise, Cory had to pitch something great and fresh in order to get the game greenlit.
    -Cory speaking about the future of God of War mentions the Mayan Era or the Egyptian Era
    -Cory mentions he wants this new direction of God of War to reach way more people and go into Uncharted and Assassins Creed levels and to grow the franchise

    That's what I got for now, I'll update once I dive into the article some more
  2. Aokiji


    Sounds meaty!
  3. Das-J


    Good stuff - I'm really interested in this one and have high hopes for SMS!
  4. PatMan


    I never played GoW 3 despite playing one and two. Worth tracking down?
  5. Relix


    Isn't it like 8 bucks on PSN right now? Do it!
  6. Kolx


    Thank you for putting this information here. This better be march SSM I can't wait any longer :(
  7. Ragona


    What if the upgrade mechanic is something like the souls series? It would actually fit the new mechanics and the mythology
  8. Hype!
  9. Still gotta play through the whole series before getting into this one. I have them all for the PS3 but never played them.
  10. Derrick01


    Most of that seems pretty standard and what you would expect in a AAA action game nowadays. Anything on the level design and how they're handling exploration?
  11. Most definitely. Makes for a nice closure to the Greek Mythos series, opening the door to the next adventure we have now. And for the current PSN price, it is a steal!

    As for the OP, this is sounding real good!
  12. Loudninja


    Combat sounds much more tactical
  13. chrisPjelly


    I'm interested in how they're going to approach the level and armor progession system. Hope to see more of the combat in action this e3.
    If you like games like Bayonetta and Dmc, go for it! Just know that this "soft reboot" will be nothing like those games, from the looks of it.
  14. Do it.
  15. Shpeshal Ed

    Shpeshal Ed

    Not sure how I feel about that. It's a relatively substantial change.
  16. sym30l1c


    This is gonna be epic!
  17. B.O.O.M.


    I'm really curious to see what kinds of runes we can embed in the Leviathan and also what other weapons we will have access to
  18. Loudninja


    Classic Kratos move lol
  19. WordsintheWater

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    As far as exploration the only things I see mentioned in the article is that boats are used to traverse the world, not just the one you see in the trailers. Also Gameinformer mentions a chest inscribed with runes that they had to find the correct stones with the markings and destroy them with the axe throw.
  20. Duxxy3


    Combat doesn't even sound like a God of War title.
  21. Jacob4815


    No words on bosses?
  22. Jildo Fisterfilly

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    Great changes. First day 1 Gow for me. Hype.
  23. Gero


    We still know so little about this game and its supposed to be out in like... 2 months? Well atleast they dont spoil it lol
  24. Elginer


    sounds interesting
  25. SgtCobra


    Yup gotta wait and see.
  26. Mathieran


    I like how this sounds. Didn't enjoy the old system anyway
  27. WordsintheWater

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    There are pages in the article dedicated to how they wanted to change the core gameplay of a God of War title, they specifically mention how the blades just ripped through enemies and they didn't want to do that again.
  28. It sounds different, but that's not a bad thing after six games that pretty much played the same.

    One of my beefs with that was that the combat lacked weight. It felt like you were cutting paper. The new GOW seems to have much weightier attacks.
  29. Chaos2Frozen


    Your son is your combo.

    Like a Nero's Devil Bringer finisher at the end of a string.
  30. Begaria


    Sounds fantastic to me. I've had enough mindless hack'n'slash from God of War, and this actually sounds like it has meat to its mechanics.
  31. Loudninja


    Which is great I love that taking the risk with and overhaul.
  32. Dust


    RIP rip and tear Kratos.
  33. WordsintheWater

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    Added these to the OP as I found them pretty interesting

    -After Ascension it was hard to get the higher ups to sign off onto another God of War game, they were pretty much done with the franchise, Cory had to pitch something great and fresh in order to get the game greenlit.
    -Cory speaking about the future of God of War mentions the Mayan Era and the Egyptian Era
    -Cory mentions he wants this new direction of God of War to reach way more people and go into Uncharted and Assassins Creed levels and to grow the franchise
  34. Ian Henry

    Ian Henry

    Hell Yea it’s worth it. If you have a PS3 it on PSN. If you have a PS4 then go get the Remaster edition.
    It’s an excellent game. One of the best of last gen.

    The new God Of War is going to be interesting as hell. Can’t wait
  35. Duxxy3


    I think the change to combat makes the game more generic looking. Less special. Looks like Darksiders or even a fast Souls game now.

    edit: Too many of Sony's game look similar now, and now I'm not a fan of the trend.
  36. Y2Kev


    Obviously people feel differently but we had 6 games with the L1 + [ ] combat system. Even if they didn't do what they're doing, they needed to do something different.
  37. AlexFlame116


    No jump button? Oof that will take a bit to get used to. I'll manage though.
  38. Vashetti


    Are the old games still canon, or is this a full reboot?
  39. Deleted member 19761

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    This game seems like it abanodned everything interesting about the franchise and just caved into modern conventions in hopes of reaching a wider audience, but instead appears relatively derivative and boring in marketing resulting in the opposite effect.

    Maybe it will sell gangbusters but right now I get the feeling old fans don't give a fuck about this game and there aren't that many of the "new" fans they were hoping for.
  40. WordsintheWater

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    The article specifically mentions the change in camera angle remedies that whole situation. Combat feels visceral, violent, and weighty
  41. RabbidPeach

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    Crafting...... The cancer of modern gaming.
  42. idc.
    When's the release date? Maybe then your preorders wouldn't be so shit
  43. Richter1887


    I Can't wait to see how the Blades of Exile works in the game. Will be hype as hell.
  44. No jump button is disappointing. I like jumping in games.
  45. Interfectum


    I'm sure it'll be fun and sell tons but nothing in the OP particularly excites me. Seems fairly standard stuff.
  46. ____


    Egyptian Kratos would be boss as a motherfucker.
  47. WordsintheWater

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    Still canon from what I'm seeing.
  48. chandoog


    I hope this doesn't get pushed. For a game that's supposed to come out late Q1, this still doesn't have a date which is worrying.
  49. Guymelef


    I have a feeling, game will have trees.
  50. Hindle

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    No jump button is a major buzzkill.

    Reminds me of Heavenly Sword.