God of War |OT| The God Father

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  1. VivekTO

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    Great OT!! I have pre-ordered the limited edition on amazon but it showing delivery date as of 23rd April. Is there any chances that they can deliver it early??
  2. chandoog

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    Gonna bw getting this night of 4/19. aww yisssssss
  3. Carbon

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    Can't wait until Friday! Going to be epic, this week is going to be torture.

    Excellent OT!
  4. Bishop89

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    Being the God of war but not being able to play the God of war

  5. Wahad

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    Awesome game, awesome OT ^^

    Got only 3 more trophies left... Can't wait for all of you to dig in and see what a masterpiece it is.
  6. murgo

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    Beautiful OT for a beautiful game! Why can't it be Friday yet?
  7. GraveRobberX

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    Also my 62 year old Pakistani mother is more hyped than me

    That E3 reveal got her shook

    She watch me play Horizon and watched the ending to full
    Second game she's shown interest in

    Now Sony E3 Conference is date night with moms lulz
  8. John Bender

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    That's awesome =D


    Can you please add the most updated pic including me? Thanks.
  10. patapon

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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The Time has come!

    Op, can you put this in there please, with the updated metacritic score :D

  11. Papaya

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    What LOL?

    Hmmm...I'm in California. You are from Europe? That's the only reason I can think of Haha.
  12. Hoo-doo

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    I'm still kinda amazed at how fast the hype train left the station on here. It seems like nobody was really talking about GoW all that much but then it suddenly exploded once people got wind that it might be actually really, really good.
  13. Sedated

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    Your post reminds me of the thread made by the guy who wants to play with his 9 year old. I was thinking like she could make a similar one "playing it with my 30 year old(I'm guessing) son"
  14. Datajoy

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    GOD the FATHER

    Amazing OT, wow. So glad I was part of this haha.
  15. Buttzerker

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    Barely use my ps4 but might dust it off for this game. Looks great.

    MONSTER Member

    I’m so excited

    And I just can’t hide it
  17. BloodHound

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    So I'm hearing conflicting reports. Reviewers say normal is too easy and people say challenge is to hard? So what difficulty should i start with???
  18. WolfForager

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    I'm confused about Kratos' God status, maybe someone here can clarify. He started as a demi-god but then he became the God of War, did that make him a full blown God then? Now that the greek Gods have fallen is he a demi-god again? Is he immortal or not?
  19. Melchiah

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    Thanks for the great OT. Can't wait for friday.
  20. lordlad

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    LOL...that OT. I admitted that i laughed. I thought the OT will be 'God of Score' or something.

    How long till this OT reached million views and 300 pages? It took the review thread less than a week.
  21. Datajoy

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    Yeah, they held this one really close to their chest for the past ~20 months. I think the hype train really kicked off around March 20 or so when we got our first extended look at gameplay at got our first hint at what the game really was.
  22. Stiler

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    Can't wait for this game, when is preload going ot start?

    Bit off topic but Ares was awesome, it was so sad what happened to that actor shortly after Hercules, right when he was getting his foot in Hollywood and doing his first feature film he passed away from an accident on a movie set.
  23. Nightfall

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    This is a fabulous OT!

    I told myself I wouldn't preorder any games this year and now I sit here, waiting for my preorder to arrive...
  24. Renmyra

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    Yes, but I figured the auto download would be earlier or the same. Maybe it's PS+ thing?
  25. lordlad

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    he's still immortal as he kept his powers (i think)........sans the power of hope from pandora's box when he released it to mankind at the end of GOW3.
  26. duckroll

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    He's a god. He's immortal. He is visiting a foreign land without a passport. Think of it like Thor and Thor 2 The Dark World.
  27. John Bender

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    Don't be normal. BE BETTER!
  28. Posting in a legendary thread for a legendary game. The wait is killing me
  29. bombshell

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    For some reason Sony Europe use shorter pre-load window for all games.
  30. GraveRobberX

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    38 in June.

    More like I'm playing, she's watching
    She was like why not take all the cutscenes and make a movie
    I'd go watch it in theaters...

    Her favorite movie is Heat (Al Pacino & Robert Deniro), so my mom has very good taste

    I showed her Fortnite, Destiny, The Last of Us

    For her right now its
    1. God of War due to E3 reveal and I've shown her everything media related up to today
    2. Horizon
    3. Uncharted 4

    Honorable mention, Playstation VR

    Yeah it's truly a Sony dominated household

    Sorry for personal info and derail
  31. Thorrgal

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    OMG! The Hype is real!

    I'm supposed to play the game alongside a friend, passing the controler, but he just had a kid so it will be slooooow

    I'm thinking about cheating him and playing 2 saves, ours and secretely one of my own :P
  32. Rymuth

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    Thanks for the OT. It's fantastic.

    Being a God doesn't mean you keep that power forever as Kratos lost his power on mulitple occasions. The Olympians themselves can be weakened by things like the Flame of Olympus, Pandora's Box etc.

    My guess is that Kratos is now back to Demi-God status, an immortal with super strength (since a LOT of time has passed for the world to have a brand new set of deities and a whole culture sprung around them). Basically, just like his brother Hercules.
  33. Papaya

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    I think it has to do with time being set according to the east coast. The preload will probably start 4/18 on the dot. That would mean 4/17 @9pm for me. Same time you can pick up games here in Cali. I'll be playing GoW on 4/19 @9pm as well.


    Thank you very much. Looks epic.
  35. Martoridley

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    Beautiful OT. Only 3 days to go!
  36. WolfForager

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    Righto, makes sense. Basically he's still a God with less power than he had in Greece. It was the fact that he's obliviously aged since GOW3 that was throwing me a bit. Will be interesting to see his power evolution in Norse mythology.
  37. patapon

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    You're welcome, Sir. :D
  38. Visanideth

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    I feel like the OT is a prelude to the game's reception. It's a magnificent thing, truly one of the best OTs in Resetera's and even GAF history, and yet it somehow disappoints because the expectations and hype have gotten the best of us.
  39. Number9

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    Great OT. Limited Edition pre-ordered, fingers crossed it gets home on launch day.
  40. Solace

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    Man I haven't been this hyped for a game since idk MGS4 I guess. Even TLG couldn't get me this hyped. Holding God of War 2's disk in my hand and running to home to play it is one of the fondest gaming memory I have haha
  41. Couscous

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    Hype levels at maximum.

    I'm ready!
  42. Isee

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    I never thought I'd be excited for a GoW because of the story.
  43. Sedated

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    That's interesting. Play detroit with her as well. Might be more of her speed considering she likes watching and that game will be mostly narrative focused.
  44. Turbowaffles

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    My hype levels are hard to contain right now!
  45. Birdseye

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    I'm not familiar with God of War's story. Is it true that it's on par with The Last of Us in terms of quality?
  46. spookyghost

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    Is there no standard edition available digitally? Amazon in the UK is sold out (!) And the PS Store only shows the deluxe edition for nearly £55
  47. lordlad

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    also, Kratos greatest source of power is his rage......so the current kratos with his tempered rage, it seems kratos also practice some sort of 'self-restrain', thus he basically 'nerfed' himself, if you will.

    Think of him like the hulk.
  48. lordlad

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    there's....but you need to search for it in PSN.
  49. GraveRobberX

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    1 thing that has me sweating was if this released on the 27th coincide along Infinity War

    This Friday and next are gonna be lit as fuck for this forum
  50. Sir Guts

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    No but they say the new game is on par and some say it even surpassed it