God of War PS4 Pro Bundle Leaked

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Aokiji, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member Original Poster

    From Belgian retailer “Ozone”. Was listed on their site, undoubtedly earlier than they meant to put it up. Found on PSLS.

    Guessing we’ll hear from SCEE soon. As probably SCEA and or WW announcement.

    Decapitate thread with blades of chaos if old.
  2. Pankratous

    Pankratous Member

    Shame there aren't more pics.
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    I am looking to replace my current white pro for a black one...
  4. UnluckyKate

    UnluckyKate Member

    normal PS4 Pro or special edition ? That is the question
  5. Stiler

    Stiler Member

    Hmm, might sell my current pro for this one.
  6. SevketErhat

    SevketErhat Member

    What I have been waiting for really. I hope this is true
  7. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member Original Poster

    Based on the box art I hope it’s a stylized Pro & not just a black/white one.
  8. Russell

    Russell Member

    I'm hoping it has a super cool design, and isn't just a normal PS4 Pro.
  9. Samsquanchewans

    Samsquanchewans Banned Member

    It'll be a plain black one isnt it?
  10. Diplo

    Diplo Member

    That's a nice box.
  11. Cyborg

    Cyborg Member

    Cant wait to see de design.
  12. ReginOfFire

    ReginOfFire Member

    I swear I already saw this bundle a few days ago
  13. thuway

    thuway Member

    Have we seen any Pro footage of God of War 4?
  14. Shin

    Shin Member

    Oh thought people in the GoW thread already knew, I posted this in Sony's recent financials thread.
    Kinda a given anyway because it's GoW an important franchise for WW/PlayStation, it makes sense they push a Pro bundle.
  15. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    I'll swap with you.
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    But why? White is dope.
  17. Andromeda

    Andromeda Member

    It's written "limited edition" on the bigger image posted by Shin .
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    Cos all my other consoles are black and the white Pro under the TV is annoying me.
  19. Ryengeku

    Ryengeku Member

    I wouldn't mind a Pro with Kratos's face glaring at me with his Rage of the Gods!
  20. Falchion

    Falchion Member

    That'd going to be really tempting for a ton of people that don't have a Pro yet.
  21. HStallion

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    Boxart is dope.
    But a Gof Of War bundle was a no brainer.
  23. Y2Kev

    Y2Kev Member

    That boxart is superb.
  24. jryeje29

    jryeje29 Member

    Looking forward to a cool design, problem is I've never been a fan of the pros three patty design, im still hoping for a slim pro to be announced.
  25. chandoog

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  26. Turbowaffles

    Turbowaffles Member

    Is that a real thing? It’s glorious!
  27. Expy

    Expy Member

    Think about it for a second.
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    gat damn, if it is a good design it's gonna be hard to wait for the spiderman version
  29. Dizastah

    Dizastah Member

    That looks pretty good.
  30. HStallion

    HStallion Member

    In proper God of War fashion you have to mash the power button for 5 seconds straight to turn the system on and off
  31. OnionPowder

    OnionPowder Member

    Shiiit, i'm in the market for a PS4 Pro and God of War. This might be right up my alley.
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    Likelihood of the game being a packed in box versus code these days?
  33. AndrewDean84

    AndrewDean84 Member

    Might be one of the worst box arts I have ever seen. Makes me feel better about my discounted Battlefront II Pro Bundle.
  34. Basarili

    Basarili Member

    It's Russian text not Dutch/Belgium (Vlaams). But still doesn't matter it's still a huge possibility to happen.
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    Damn I never thought of a Spider-Man console. This is a tough decision.
  36. ajszenk

    ajszenk Member

    It'll probably have Norse runes all over it.
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    Love how the top left PS4 is reversed so Kratos' mark is in the wrong side. Beautiful stuff.
  38. MrTired

    MrTired Member

    Less then 1%
  39. Ricky_R

    Ricky_R Member

    Here's an adaptation/variation of the title screen art I made recently. It's a bit busy, but I wanted to take a shot at it.


  40. Cake Boss

    Cake Boss Member

    lmao at that boxart. That def screams God of War lol.
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    For some reason I feel Kratos will die in this game and his son will take his place in the sequels.
  42. kowalski

    kowalski Member

    Cory confirmed he will not.
  43. Pankratous

    Pankratous Member

    Wow, what a spoiler from the dev.
  44. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    Can he even be killed? Or he just doesn’t age?
  45. Lappe

    Lappe Member

    What year is it? 2018, then 0%

    What does the console look like, or is it just a basic black ps4 with a nice box?
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    almost a 100% if we look back at their first party bundles, i think the only bundle that only had a digital code was the one that came with the uncharted collection.
  47. HardRojo

    HardRojo Member

    Will it comes with a reinforced circle button? Just in case...
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    See I was leaning towards this based on the current offerings but I couldn't remember what was the case before. Seems like the others think the polar opposite though so who knows haha. Cheers for the responses folks.
  49. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member Original Poster

    If MHW can get a custom console I don’t see how GoW doesn’t. I expect it to look amazing too.
  50. DanteLinkX

    DanteLinkX Member

    God of War art not final is a weird name.