Google entering the Home Console race is not a good thing for the Consumers, the Developers, or the Industry and Art of Video Games (ethical issues)

Nov 28, 2018
Even the other tech giant, Microsoft, doesn't do shit like this (even if they had to learn to fear the rod with their anti-trust loss in 2001).
This is historical revisionism I'd say: the Bush admin basically turned the Clinton DOJ MS antitrust case into an anticlimatic slap on the wrist, and it had no material impact on MS' culture. People just think it changed MS' MO but in reality MS was fell victim to changing market dynamics throughout the tech sector.
Oct 25, 2017
Gaming really doesn't need another neo libertarian platform OK with promoting disgusting content. We already have Steam.

I will be looking at how Google handles things but yeah. Knowing their track record on content curation and the way they lean I dont have a lot of faith.
Oct 29, 2017
No, you don't have to explain why it's bad. You just have to explain how Google is any worse than MS.

Well for one google "controls" almost every aspect internet when was last time you use Bing?

Then we got stuff like this
now that they have a game a console it can be used to similar effect to promote themselves.

YouTube the biggest ad platform on the world well they own it. They can charge competitor more or just simply have an ad to their console play in very vid its not like they have to pay $$ for it.
They can take a YouTube with 2 million subscribers and have them adversting their system and put the on the top 10 of trending,etc.

While there's no proof of them doing it(2 lazy to search lol), itn doesnt negate the fact they can do it.