1. dubc35


    Crazy it's been 20 years. I remember purchasing GT1 in 1998. Brb, clouds to yell at lol

    How is it strange? It's a major first party game that has been out for 20 years, including two releases on the #1 and #4 best selling consoles of all time. It's not a comparison between racing games; just numbers sold.
  2. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
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    Yes, by a mile.
    If you talk lifetime sales at least.
    If you talk about current performance and zeitgeist, obviously not.

    Uncharted has sold 41.7 million.
    So around half of what GT did...
  3. DavidDesu


    Yes, GT Sport is amazing. Absolutely rekindled my love of racing games and most importantly got me more interested in actually driving consistently and being happy to race in 12 lap races (wish there was proper endurance races online), whereas in past games racing against AI was just a bore fest. Even if they got good AI it's just exciting knowing you're up against real people who are right a very similar level to yourself. Such good races at times (and frustrating as hell at other times).

    What a game, I usually play a race or two most nights. Also it's beautiful delivered in terms of UI. I hope they just keep building on this foundation from here on out. Also... PSVR support while slim, gives a taster for the very real prospect of full on online racing in VR on PS5. That will be gobsmackingly awesome to behold. What a time to Iive in.
  4. Servbot24


    Sony's release strategy with GTS and how they seem to just outright disrespect this series at time still just boggles my mind.
  5. mango.

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    3.2, 3.3 million for GTS seems about right for how old GT games keep selling and it fits with the 4.2mi accounts with a good rate of second-hand sales and multiple users in a household.

    If they keep up the updates and the live events maintain this quality:

    It should do well in the long run, all things considered.
  6. New Fang

    New Fang

    You're asking this about a game that has received monthly updates since its release in March, and they've stated this will continue going forward.
  7. Arklite


    Good stuff, I hope PD continues to grow what they've done with Sport and push the online. The strict rule set and rotating races are an amazing mix.
  8. Saint-14


    Any idea how the old titles sold compared to GTS in the same time frame?
  9. Wizzly


    GT2 tuning is what is missing.
    I remember simple cars when tuned got unique decals or turned in a unique competition car.
  10. Kill3r7


    Sim racing is a dying genre and practically dead in North America. Those numbers are pretty impressive and likely still top of the genre by a decent margin.
  11. Kaako


    Well damn. That's pretty decent.
  12. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts
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    Ever since Forza came to the scene and it’s way better than GT. But there’s nothing strange, GT been around since 97.
  13. tutomos


    Not an opinion that I share. I think people clearly voted with their wallet after so many games.
  14. 8byte


    People really REALLY want GT to fail...it's really bizarre.
  15. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts
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    I don’t remember having many options back in the day and I’m also not taking away GT’s greatness. But I personally prefer Forza since it debuted
  16. Mobius 1

    Mobius 1

    And I bought GT when it released... I’m feeling old.

    Polyphony is a brilliant studio and GT Sport a fantastic experience. It makes me excited for what they’re doing next.
  17. Solace


    The way Sony/PD is handling the franchise, feels like they want it to fail too.
    Their mismanagement of GT is mindboggling. The path to release of GT5 was a disaster. Releasing GT6 on PS3 after the launch of PS4?!What the flying fuck
    Then releasing an online only game after 4 freaking years of having ps4 on the market, yet not calling it GT7 to top it off?! WTF were they thinking.
  18. ShaiKhulud


    Considering series was always a slow burner without NPD-breaking lauches, 3 to 4 million sell-through in less than a year is a stellar result. How many exlusive sims (not arcades) achieved that numbers?

    I, personally, love Sport. iRacing for consoles in MP and after patches pretty complete in SP. Free DLCs with cars and tracks where also a nice little touch. Sport is also unbeatable in terms of VR (limited, but still) and HDR support. I could see 8+ mil. sell through at the end of the genration. Easily.
  19. Jokegeta

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    Weird that even with Forza having better scores, GTS still sold more than it did.
  20. potentialtodisplease

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    What the fuck is this console wars shit? I have both of them, even Forza on an X because my PC is Win7, and Forza 7 is absolutely not the better sim in any way but a couple random and minor things. Because of the X it has slightly better image quality, not that Sport is bad or anything. It definitely has more cars and content, but is nowhere near the detailing in many cars and tracks.

    I also prefer how GT Sport drives with its physics engine now. Better damage handling? The whole point of real racing is not damage son, it's the opposite. GT Sport is ahead in online, leagues, detail on both cars and tracks, and overall presentation by a mile. There is some argument as to which game is better. For me after patches it is definitely GT Sport.
  21. Tusken77


    I watched that live this afternoon. It was fantastic, definitely watching the broadcast tomorrow.
  22. potentialtodisplease

    Banned Member

    GT was pounded on the scores because of overall hysteria surrounding no campaign. That is about it. As it is patched right now without people going into a panic attack the game is easily deserving of a solid 85-90 score. It is my preferred game for racing atm. And yes I do have Forza 7 on an X and anything that runs on Win 7.

    Scores mean mostly shit, so I mean it's not really weird that the largest racing franchise sold more than Forza. Logic.
  23. ShaiKhulud


    I mean, Asseеto Corsa on consoles is below 80 and it's the best handling simulation around.
  24. 8byte


    GT5 was absolutely a disaster...but that also rests partly on the shoulders of Sony for their hardware choices with PS3, and their likely insistence on 3D functionality to push TV sales.

    It's pretty likely that GT6 was pumped out to the larger PS3 userbase in order to make back some money from GT5 and push some funds to their PS4 project (now GT Sport). That absolutely made sense, considering the wreck GT5 was. GTS has some strange design choices, but none of them really seem that crazy. From the start they made it explicitly clear what they wanted to do with the game, and that was build an "eSport" caliber racing title with a strong online community. Online only makes sense in that regard, as it places fans in a real competitive space as opposed to offline interactions.

    I don't think there is mismanagement with the GT franchise as much as their is fatigue for the franchise, and past fans having been burned on GT5. The studio is obviously going through some growing pains with GTS, but with their efforts since launch, it's clear to see that this is one of the best entires into the series since it's inception, and offers a lot of long requested fan features that are improving little by little with every update, along side new free content.

    The hate is just bewildering and seems almost childish. It's okay to not like it or be fond of it, but the people that come out of the woods to really blast it is just so weird to me.
  25. EGOMAN


    Road to 100M go go go!
  26. Alo0oy

    Banned Member

    GT5 sold like 17 million if you include prologue, unless that game's budget was 1 billion, they didn't need to "make back" any money.
  27. Wizzly


    AI is not driving like a train in Forza, it is better. I find GT interior view lot more immersive with better transcription of camera movements when you accelerate or decelerate. I find Forza always had better physics feeling.
    I still like GT mood and the games, perhaps it's my personal taste but i prefer Forza simulation feeling.
    When GT will get car damage and better AI this will be a game changer for the GT games ^-^
  28. Segafreak


    Strategic failure to launch GT6 a week after PS4 launch, and GTS the state it was in.

    Ideally they should've skipped 6 and worked immediately on GTS and launch in 2015, and have it function as their racing event driven live service title for this gen.

    Assetto Corsa plays like shit now, it's very different then when I first got it when it was still in early access.
  29. RounD


    Love the camera angles they are showing on the stream, wish they had them on replays
  30. Putty

    Double Eleven Verafied

    I fucking love Sport! Never felt so good on wheel. Terrific updates including a frankly astonishing Monza rendition and some of the best lighting you'll see. Sunny Monza is just eerie...Always has a soft spot for GT and always will.
  31. ethomaz


    Great performance.

    Minimum of 3.4m agrees with the profiles numbers that crossed 4 million.
  32. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    Gran Turismo has a longer history and branding. Being on the PlayStation always helps too with a larger global appeal. Gran Turismo had over 45 million sold even before Forza was released in 2005.

    I loved Forza, but prefer GTS now for what it does better.
  33. ethomaz


    I don’t think that is really true... I think you need to play GTS ;)
  34. ethomaz


    GT5 a disaster? It is not the best selling GT game just because GT3 sold over 4 million in one holiday in US being bundled with every PS2 sold.

    GT5 is the best and most compete GT game before GTS was launched (it is the best but not more complete).
  35. Wizzly


    I'll wait for the next GT and will play it for sure and i hope they will have improved it ^-^
  36. Lothars


    The best Forza was last generation and it just has never reached the potential it should have this generation, GT is continously better than it
  37. cakely


    I look at that gif and what it represents and well, video games have come a long way.
  38. potentialtodisplease

    Banned Member

    Car damage means almost nothing to anyone good at this franchise sorry bud. You are racing not playing bumper cars.
  39. ethomaz


    You are losing because GTS is the best GT ever created by a big margin.

    The others needs to improve a lot to catch what PD did with GTS... they envolved the sim racing genre on consoles.

    Ohhhh and you are completely wrong about AI to close the opposite... car damage you are right.
  40. ShaiKhulud


    So much this. Guess how much you allow to crash in a real life race? I tell you, one mistake and the race is over for you. No need for Burnout-level crashes to prove that point.
  41. Seahawk64


    PD should just remaster GT 2 and 3. GT hasn't been the same since.
  42. Tribal24


  43. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    Forza 4 was great, but the driving feels dead going back to it after the improvements in current gen Forza games. I just think Forza is hollow compared to actual motorsports elements in other console games like GTS, F1, or PCars.

    The ranking and penalty system in GTS makes for far cleaner racing in random lobbies, even if it isn't perfect. I wish Forza did anything at all to address all the ramming and god awful racing.
  44. Emilijo


    Three best selling Sony owned franchises:

    1. Gran Turismo - 80.4 million
    2. Uncharted - 41.7 million
    3. God of War - at least 24.7 million
  45. kowalski


    No way it's less than 30 million.
    In 2012 before ascension came out it was ~22 million, with ascension, GoW3 remaster and GoW 2018 (3.1 million first 3 days) it's absolutely +30 million.
  46. Phunkydiabetic

    Banned Member

    Mind boggling that GTAV has sold more copies THAN EVERY SINGLE GRSN TURISMO GAME RELEASED. GTAV is a beast.
  47. tutomos


    GTAV is actually the best selling racing game of all time in my mind.
  48. Wizzly


    Damage pushes the simulation further, you'll have to be careful driving well, while in GT there is no damage you can do anything you want the car will stay optimal about handling or speed.
  49. MarineMountie

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    Which is the way it should be. This is a competitive racing game where drivers are either rewarded or punished with the sportsmanship that they show to others in races. Just because I get sent hard into a wall doesn't mean I should be punished in a competitive game. The driver that sent me into the wall though will get a red mark down.

    This is a better system than a damage system that punishes the innocent.
  50. For real! And next year is 25 years for the PS1 (Japan launch).