1. Whoa that looks sweet. Is it going on tomorrow too?

    I may actually tune in, if so.
  2. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    Sim damage turned on in a Forza lobby is literally the worst.

    I prefer features like fuel and tire management pushing the simulation further. You cant win races in Forza by changing fuel maps, choosing different tires, or decided when to cut refueling in pit stops to save time.

    But they're both good games that do different things. We don't get many of these games on consoles, so it shouldn't be a warz thing.
  3. Monty Mole

    Monty Mole

    Not weird. Aside from XBO's smaller install base, GTS is the first GT game this generation, whilst Forza 7 is the third. And in the time it took Polyphony to make GTS, Turn10 developed and released both Forza 6 and Forza 7.
  4. Roy


    Because mainstream reviewers are especially useless in reviewing these types of games.
  5. Sweets For A Girl

    Sweets For A Girl
    Banned Member

    I bought a few myself, very good games.
  6. David Ricardo

    David Ricardo
    Banned Member

    I expect it to be a late PS4 title, but given the expected similarity of architectures with PS5, I expect it to have a 4k/60 patch at some point in time.
  7. Seahawk64


    Review scores dont really have much to do with sales with big franchises. Gran Turismo sells on name alone. Plenty of other big games (cod, assassin's Creed, battlefront, far cry etc) receive average reviews yet they're amongst the top 5-top 10 selling games of the year based on name alone.
  8. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy

    Sport is a great game, but they botched the launch. PD/Sony should do a Sport Spec 2.0 rerelease if they get to it.

    GT7 should hopefully be a early PS5 title with decent single player content if they use Sport as a foundation.
  9. ethomaz


    Right now there are ove 4.4m profiles created for GTS (beta not included).

    That fits the data released by Sony of > 3.4m units sold... it indeed hints to over 4 million sold already.
  10. ethomaz


    Damage didn't help in anything of that... right penalty yes.
    Damage is just a visual feature that didn't affect the competition or how you race a car ingame.

    It is a nice feature? Yes... it changes how you driver? Absolutely not... Affect competition? Nope.
  11. potatohead


    Same dude I actually really am impressed, and I always have high expectations for GT. I think it's a return to form and I like that they focused more on the more unique cars rather than Pokemon car collecting, even though that can also be fun

    The online modes are just such a massive upgrade too. I think no matter what the naysayers say this is where GT needed to go and it succeeded a lot with this approach.

    Also damn good graphics! Best HDR easily I've seen too.
  12. ethomaz


    You mean GT8 or GTS2?

    PD calls GTS internally GT7S... the online API for GTS uses GT7S id.
  13. apeAsnake


    GTS Profiles can also add people who bought the game preowned which doesn't count as sales so id say less
  14. ethomaz


    That is minimal for any game... there are the same copy played by two guys (in the same home/family)... I never saw any of both be something like 100k or more... it is a pretty low numbers for any game.

    So over 4 million with 4.4 million profiles is 99% certain.
  15. watwatwat


    You know Yamauchi, we really are the Xbox Sales of Sony.

    Seriously, why so vague all of a sudden? ~4m copies is nothing to be ashamed about, is it? What’s Forza doing?
  16. sora87


    Last two entries dipped a lot in sales compared to the others huh?
  17. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy

    GT8 I guess. Sport is apparently just a one-off according to Kaz. But unless Sport get patched into becoming GT7, it looks like GT8... will be GT7.
  18. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    GTS is not at over 4 million units unless half a million copies of GT3 and 5 still sitting on shelfes.
    Do you believe Forza Horizon is at over 6 million units sold? Because that game has around 7 million players
  19. TehPotentialz

    Banned Member

    Anyone have a link to the actual PR and not an article about it that doesn't have a source? I'm interestes to see what that *1 next to the 80.4 million units means.

    Hard to make anything from these numbers, but we know that GTS sold poorly compared to the other games in the series. The firesales were more than enough evidence of that.

    That's funny because back when GT5 was supposedly going to have the most realistic damage simulation ever featured in a game many people used it as a massive selling point over Forza lol. Then we all saw it was crap, then had the embarrassing "full damage unlocks at level 40" BS, and now we're back to not caring about damage when GT has none once again lol.
  20. Iucidium


    Because the game went to £20 not long after release and has been on sale since twice.
  21. TehPotentialz

    Banned Member

    Plus on the console with over twice the install base, for a franchise with a much bigger name. GTS's sales must have been abysmal for it to get firesaled to less than half price almost immediately after release.

    How is this at all weird? Longer standing fan favourite franchise on the console brand with 500 million consoles sold vs 150 million consoles sold.

    At this point quality of the actual games is almost irrelevant.
  22. Funkallero


    Yeah, no.
    While Forza has its own merits (played the shit out of 5 and 6) it’s still on the simcade side of things, absolutely nothing wrong with that tho but adding 60 fps don’t make it a sim magically.
    For pure handling, wheel recognition, tire, suspension model, car weight and all physics related GT is in a class of its own.
    You may tell that you prefer Forza for personal reasons but putting one on top of another is pointless. They complete each other.
    I do agree that damage physics could be a lot better in GT but crashing your car or even touching your opponents is not the point of a driving sim.

    On topic, the last entry GT sport is a fantastic game (among the most polished this gen) that was hampered by a bad launch.
    It will sell OK in the long run but when you add long delays, franchise fatigue and not much content at launch I guess it’s what you end up with.
    It’s still a must play for car lovers.
  23. Sonicfan059


    You think each game sold 100%? Lol If 1-5 had just 100k unsold units that’d be enough. It’s way more likely to be over 4M sold especially with the data we have showing it tracking better than GT3/6 in some countries.
  24. potentialtodisplease

    Banned Member

    Simulation of track detail and car detail pushes it further too. And GTS is quite a bit ahead of anything out there in this department that I have seen from comparison the other games. It also includes rally and a really great livery system that to me is top notch. The presentation of the actual game is unmatched in my eyes against any other racing game.

    The physics are top notch in GTS so I don't know where you get that Forza is better there. If anything GTS's cars drive better for me, but I don't have a wheel setup anymore.

    I like them both, and I have not driven many cars in either game, so pretty tough to tell there, but now way Forza edges out GTS in physics. On a controller I prefer GTS's hood cam the best out of all games. GTS's behind the car view is definitely not good for me, but it never has been. That was always my Driveclub view though. Forza is a great game, but it's honestly gotten a little stale in some areas for me, though, I do appreciate the better weather. It's still nowhere near Driveclub weather though.
  25. RounD


    Do people not know you can turn on damage in GTS? Though it is your typical GT damage. Bumpers dont go flying off but you do lose top speed, the transmission feels funny and the car pulls left or right.


    With the red indicating where the damage is.
  26. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    Yeah retailers don't like to have old stuff sitting on shelf.
    Unless you're ET, sold through and shipped are getting very close to become the same over time.
    Also most backlog sales are digital these days where you don't have a discrepancy between shipped and sold anyway.

    So no it's not more likely and i don't see any data, that suggest GTS is above 4 million.
  27. Astronut325


    Love GTS. Play it almost every day. Hope they continue to support the game.

    People saying it has no campaign have no clue what they're talking about. The campaign is excellent. I've yet to play a single online race.
  28. SK4TE

    Banned Member

    Not really, Forza 7 is the 5th Forza game this gen compared to the first entry for GT. Horizon 3 has sold more copies than GTS at a higher price point though. Horizon is the main franchise for Forza now.
  29. EGOMAN


    No, Kaz himself said Sport is not a numbered GT he even hinted at GT7 for their next game.
  30. Tusken77


    Absolutely. :) Yesterday was the Manufacturer Series Final, today is the Nations Cup Final.

  31. ethomaz



    The number in OP is sold to consumers... not shipped.

    Let’s say the 77m shipment had sold 76m.

    80.4 - 76 = 4.4 sold to consumers since September 2017 being GTS launched in October the most part of it.

    What Forzas players has to do with GT official data?

    Go outside your home in a store (I don't know here you live) and ask for GT6... tell us how manu copies that store has.

    If you wish I can sent photos to you.

    77 million shipped will never be 77 million sold.
  32. ethomaz



    GTS is called GT7SP internally... I don't what are you trying to say because my post is correct.

    Kaz only said he is working in a new numbered GT... read his quotes and not the site assumptions.
  33. Sonicfan059


    You realize they don’t leave unsold stock just sitting on shelves, right? It’s not like unsold GT2 copies are still at Walmart. A lot of PS1 games probably didn’t sell though 100% but it’s not like retailers still have a PS1 section for unsold stock. Lol They do what they can by discounting them but that doesn’t mean 100% have sold especially worldwide and can be sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

    Do you really think all old games have sold 100% of their inventory just because they’re out of production?
  34. Saint-14


    Numbers please or stop spreading misinformation.
  35. horkrux


    just ~3% get a game preowned??
  36. Metalmurphy


    Something about Gran Turismo always brings the worst in people...

    I'll just say one thing, other than GT4 pretty much all of the GT games have glaring flaws, but one thing is undeniable, all of them pushed the genre forward in very significant ways something you can't say about any other franchise, and the game that did that the most was GT5, even if it's also the most flawed.

    And GT6 is the best game in the series, and GTS is the best online racing game ever made.
  37. Pezus


  38. Nice, thank you! I will put it in on at my office today.
  39. amar212


    Both titles go to GT5 in my book :)

    Hello Murph! :)
  40. Metalmurphy


    Hey :)

    Don't get me wrong, GT5 is still my favorite of them all, I just don't think it's the best made game of them all if you know what i mean. What it did for when it released was insane, both online and offline, but doing all that at once definitely took a toll and the game ended up with many flaws. If it had 1 more year of polish it probably would have been the best game ever made. I see GT6 as a more polished GT5 which is why I think it's the best game, but not my favorite :p
  41. Thorrgal


    Those are amazing numbers for a racing game in 2018
  42. Champion


    If GTS did well Sony would go out of their way to let us know. #issaflop
  43. Joeyro


    The sales are very strong in my opinion especially if you consider the position of racing games this gen, they're not big sellers anymore. Even multiplatform racing games like The Crew and Need for Speed don't bring big numbers anymore. GTS sold well in the current market.
  44. Metalmurphy


    They didn't go out of their way to say GT5 sold over 10M even though everyone was calling it a flop.
  45. Thorrgal


    How many copies Horizon 3 have sold do you say?? I'll wait :P
  46. Mystic


    On one hand, it's disappointing that GTS is selling so low even after all the updates. I mean come on, it is the first GT game on the PS4!

    On the other hand, I'm a little glad because hopefully they won't try pulling this shit in the future. Regardless of if you liked the online nature of it, the amount of content was abysmal and a complete embarrassment that highlighted the gross incompetence of PD.
  47. N.Domixis


    Can’t wait for the inevitable God of War Esque reboot
  48. SK4TE

    Banned Member

    Just going off leaderboards for each game. I know it’s not copies sold but it’s a given that it has sold more than GTS unless someone can prove otherwise.
  49. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    No, but 99.8 or 99.9% and not only 98 or 99%

    The Ps4, an item that sells about a million each, month had a sell through rate of 96% at the end of the last holiday period. And that was even unusual high channel inventory.
    This is not a discounted product.

    And it's amusing to me, when playernumbers for a game like Titanfall, Forza or Halo come up, you rarely see advocates for "just around 10% additional players". More like up to 50%

    And all those extremes doesn't make sense.
  50. EGOMAN


    This is his quote:
    "The customization factor of GT Sport is different from the numbering, GT6 or GT7, which may come in the future. I think the customization factor will probably be the next work that all of you will want."

    He clearly say GTS is different from GT6 or GT7 which may come next.