1. Haven't played the newest GT but how's the physics? Thats always been a sticking point for me, physics and damage.
  2. Crayon


    Hard to say kinda. I like the physics. What game's physics do you like now?
  3. ethomaz


    Plus when that is really near to happen the price of these unsold copies goes to heavens... you go to a store and the store has only few copies and the production stopped? They ask you up to $100... it is really hard to buy original old PS1 for collection of games with low stock.
  4. mpurrr

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    It's sold more than GTS easily, which is horrible for how far Polyphony has fallen compared to installed bases of each console as well. GT1&2 where life in high school with licence competing each night before school the next day of who did best.

    I dropped GT since Forza 2. The amount of content and continual content and releases not 5 years in-between is what keeps me coming back. Forza is the best Arcade racer period available, and also the best sim racer depending on preferences. People might prefer GTS for its physics, that's fine. I prefer Forza's amount of cars, real weather, real damage etc. Different strokes, different folk.