Gran Turismo Franchise at 80.4M as of May 8th 2018.


Oct 25, 2017
Santa Albertina
You realize they don’t leave unsold stock just sitting on shelves, right? It’s not like unsold GT2 copies are still at Walmart. A lot of PS1 games probably didn’t sell though 100% but it’s not like retailers still have a PS1 section for unsold stock. Lol They do what they can by discounting them but that doesn’t mean 100% have sold especially worldwide and can be sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Do you really think all old games have sold 100% of their inventory just because they’re out of production?
Plus when that is really near to happen the price of these unsold copies goes to heavens... you go to a store and the store has only few copies and the production stopped? They ask you up to $100... it is really hard to buy original old PS1 for collection of games with low stock.


Mar 25, 2018
Just going off leaderboards for each game. I know it’s not copies sold but it’s a given that it has sold more than GTS unless someone can prove otherwise.
It's sold more than GTS easily, which is horrible for how far Polyphony has fallen compared to installed bases of each console as well. GT1&2 where life in high school with licence competing each night before school the next day of who did best.

I dropped GT since Forza 2. The amount of content and continual content and releases not 5 years in-between is what keeps me coming back. Forza is the best Arcade racer period available, and also the best sim racer depending on preferences. People might prefer GTS for its physics, that's fine. I prefer Forza's amount of cars, real weather, real damage etc. Different strokes, different folk.