Gravity Rush 2 Server Shutdown delayed to July 19!

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by SparksterMeta0, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. SparksterMeta0

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    Just popped up while I was playing.
  2. FtheQueen

    FtheQueen Banned Member

    Yeeees delighted
  3. dragonflys545

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  4. Blado

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    Perhaps more people than expected bought it when it was on sale, so they delayed it to allow new players more time to experience online content?
  5. Giolon

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    Great news. It would be even better if they announced a patch enabling the online content to be unlocked offline after the servers go dark.
  6. HylianSeven

    HylianSeven Community Resetter Member

    Wait why are you guys happy about this?

    I'm not familiar with this game but isn't this a bad thing?

    Edit: Never mind, I'm a dingus, it's delayed, I see.
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    Yay I'm happy about this because it's my favorite part of Gravity rush when I just want to fall around the map. Honestly thought it was already shut down.
  8. arimanius

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    Awesome! Time to unwrap my copy and get to playing.
  9. FtheQueen

    FtheQueen Banned Member

    Nevermind just saw your edit.
  10. Zekes

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    What are the online features in this game?
  11. Rmagnus

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    Good news I guess. Love kat
  12. WrenchNinja

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    Sure hope this doesn't turn into a Demon's Souls style roller-coaster of will they or won't they shut it down
  13. AlexFlame116

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    I still don't have the exclusive online content...
  14. FelipeMGM

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    guess they did this because a lot of people bought it on sale in the past weeks
  15. TNH

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    the date was extended. it was supposed to go offline this month

    Edit: sry saw your edit to late
  16. Sabas

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    Good that it's delayed, but why is it getting shut down so soon anyways. What does my PS+ subscription money go to if they can't even keep servers up for their first-party titles?
  17. FtheQueen

    FtheQueen Banned Member

    I doubt they'll extend it again but here's to another 7 months of where the fuck is that chest.
  18. Conjo

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    Unlock some (cosmetic mostly) stuff, send/receive challenges, photos (and rate them), treasures (people send hints, you search them in some are in the city, and treasures gives you gems, and some cosmetic stuff). For when going into the Delvool Mine Trench Layers, when you die there you lose half of the stuff you got. If someone goes in, they can take the stuff you lost.
  19. Strangelove77

    Strangelove77 Member

    Nice. I was able to get everything in about a week without any kind of grinding or tricks or whatever.
  20. KtSlime

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    Glad to hear Sony making good decisions.
  21. Lotus

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    Very good news!
  22. Mrfluffypuff

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    Say whaaaat? That's good news for newcomers who got the game recently.
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    I bought it on sale so I'm glad they delayed this.
  24. TKM

    TKM Member

    Yassss! I've maxed out tokens and furniture, but still enjoy the treasure hunts. Thank you SIE.
  25. Perona

    Perona Member

    welp, I spent the last 2 weeks farming dusty tokens obsessively for nothing. At least I only have to do like 2 more treasure hunts before I have everything you can get from them.
  26. Courage

    Courage Member

    Just got this while playing.

    Great news, now I don't have to rush through all the content.
  27. Astral

    Astral Member

    Congrats to all the newcomers! Now stop farming dusty tokens. You can get them all in like a week max just by playing the game.
  28. No Depth

    No Depth Member

    Great, now to find time to play it before july....
  29. ClearMetal

    ClearMetal Member

    Minutes after I got the last online collectible.


    Nah man, this is fantastic news. Collectibles or not, the treasure hunts and photo ratings and challenges are such a great addition to the game I'm glad they'll be around for at least six months longer.
  30. Napalm_Frank

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  31. JimJamJones

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    I was gunna binge it to finally finish it this weekend. Guess there's not a huge rush now.
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    Fantastic news.
  33. Napalm_Frank

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    Is that White Kat a low key fuck you to people not pre-ordering the game so the servers had to be shut down in the first place? lol
  34. 5Twist

    5Twist Member

    Ha and I just got my last piece of furniture today, but that's great news. I've been figuring out new tricks to improve my times and scores on challenge missions, so it's really fun trying to go up the rankings.
  35. Tohsaka

    Tohsaka Member

    Good, it's ridiculous that they would shut down servers for a first-party PS4 game after a year to begin with.
  36. clay_ghost

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  37. Lotus

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    Lmao maybe
  38. lordlad

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    maybe this will be another demon's souls situation where the server shutdown will be delay till ad infinitum.
  39. javac

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    July 18th comes along "Shit I forgot!"
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  41. DatManOvaDer

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    Yo. Good stuff.
  42. Jom

    Jom Member

    Whew now I don't have to rush.

    Anyone who's trying to get all the treasures and dusty tokens want to add each other to get them? The way it works is the more friends you have sending challenges and chest locations to each other the faster you get all the collectibles. There's a 12 hour refresh time before you can earn tokens again with the same friend.

    I'll start: PSN ID: jdizzle84
  43. No Depth

    No Depth Member

    Just curious, playing casually, how long can one be expected to earn everything needed from playing?

    Also if anyone wants to add me for faster gains as stated by posters above...
    PSN ID: No Depth
  44. StanleyCKC

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    This is great news, Ive been rushing to play remastered and then gravity rush 2 cause the servers were gana shut down. Now I can take it slow.
  45. Link Gray

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    Eyyy time to procrastinate even more and wait until the last week to get everything!
  46. tiebreaker

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    Great news. It's one of the best online implementation in single player game, simple and fun.
  47. Wein Cruz

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    Oh boy a year and half!
  48. NightShift

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    It's still fucked up that they're shutting it down so soon but at least this is a slight victory. The online stuff is actually pretty good compared to most online additions to single player games.
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    Well am i happy, that's quite the good news since i still have to play the game fully, only played the beginning part. Yeah yeah shame on me :P but i promise i will play it soon!

    I agree tho should be longer tho.
    Game is not that old yet and they make mad bux with ps+
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    I'm still annoyed that it's closing down so soon! How about they just indefinitely delay the server closure :)