GT Goku is seemingly the next FighterZ DLC

Dec 5, 2017
Reusing a character's sprites/models and change/add elements to it is standard practice in fighting games. Ken, Holy Order Sol, the Mishimas way back when, Cassandra/Sophitia and Nightmare/Sigfried, more I'm probably missing.
Now that all the casuals are gone, this game's biggest problem is the "super dash on your opponent and don't let them super dash on you" braindead stale neutral across all characters and situations. Top-tier characters are determined by how well they can facilitate this and prevent you from resetting back to neutral. Arc Sys's changes to the game indicate absolutely no divergence from this.

With that in mind, DBFZ needs characters that play vastly differently to compensate for this and shake up the gameplay. Instead, DBFZ's cases of character re-skins are especially egregious in both the frequency of occurrence and the luke-warm degree of actual differences even in comparison to other games. SSJ Goku plays so vanilla, adding SSB and Base's few unique differences onto his actual character would've been a far more interesting design choice.

To be clear, it's bad when it happens in other games, too. But they are in general, not as harmful as it is in this game and executed a lot better, IMO. I don't know about everything you've listed in particular, but Nightmare and Siegfried are actually very different characters and Ken and other shotos have become sufficiently different through various iterations.
Oct 25, 2017
I don’t mind GT characters getting in but I wish it wasn’t another Goku, would have rather had Baby or Omega Shenron. And my hopes of either Ribrianne or Toppo being dlc is rapidly diminishing.
More TOP characters in general would be great, right now Roshi is the only U7 fighter we don't have and characters like Toppo, Kale and Kefla are a must in my opinion, and of course i'll be team Ribrianne til i die.
Oct 25, 2017
Wrong Kid Goku. Unless everything but his Level 3 ignores GT, I'm not that happy with this. Was expecting SSJ4 Goku out of the title, so i guess it could be worse, but I'd honestly almost rather have UI Goku (with original fucking normals this time ASW, I love Base Goku and Vegeta but copy/pasting normals in DLC characters is beyond lame and cheap).

So much for Satan or Roshi as character 6. If the last one isn't Kefla, I'll just buy Videl, Jiren, and the Broly characters and save myself a few bucks on the SP later on.
Dec 28, 2018
More TOP characters in general would be great, right now Roshi is the only U7 fighter we don't have and characters like Toppo, Kale and Kefla are a must in my opinion, and of course i'll be team Ribrianne til i die.
As much as I want Roshi in I don’t think he’ll ever be added because of the lack of flying which sucks. And I’d like to see more TOP characters as well. Atleast Kefla has a decent chance of getting in so I still have hope for her. Though I’d prefer a Caulifla with a Kale assist in all honesty. And man I’m hoping we either get another season or new game soon which includes Ribrianne, I’d imagine she’d have a fun and varied move set and also she’s low key best character from the TOP.
Oct 25, 2017
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Oct 27, 2017
GT Goku’s special move is “Super Kamehameha,” which transforms him into Super Saiyan 3 when there are two or fewer overall team members remaining. His Meteor special attacks include “Super Spirit Bomb” and a second, hidden attack.

His other attacks include “Power Pole” and “Reverse Kamehameha.”

Second hidden attack? This HAS to be SSJ4


Dec 10, 2017
It's base GT kid Goku, he has the Power Pole though. Goes SSJ3 for one move and his level 3 is Ultra Spirit Bomb.
Seems to be a mash-up of DB and GT.
Basically what they did in Xenoverse. Gave GT Kid Goku some lines and moves for OG Kid Goku and made him into a composite of both.

It was lame in Xenoverse and it’s lame now.
Oct 27, 2017
Who in the world would want GT Kid Goku over Dragon Ball Kid Goku? Dumb decision. I'm guessing Roshi's never happing either. Dragon Ball should always take precedence over GT (and Super).
Oct 25, 2017
If this is true, well...

Really don't see why they'd pick GT Kid Goku over OG Kid Goku.
I realise this is picking out a post well after the fact, but it's most handy for the point: That the answer is the same one that's come up a bunch of times in other Dragon Ball game threads of late (particularly that teased RPG project). Namely, Bandai Namco probably doesn't trust the sales viability of pre-Z nostalgia anymore. Whatever one's contentions with GT, for a section of the fanbase it stood as the endpoint of Dragon Ball (until Battle of Gods came along), and that makes it easy to cash in on, particularly as DLC content where they just go 'Well he's from another timeline!'.

It is a good choice? Maybe not, but it's not too hard to figure out when looking at how the franchise has been handled, particularly in the gaming department, for the last decade or so.
Feb 4, 2018
You take that back. We had already gone through Majin Vegeta, there was no reason for Vegeta to play the villain again, let alone such a terrible one.
Vegeta didn't play villain at all. His body got stolen against his will and his appearance changed significantly under Baby's possession that he was essentially a new character. He also pulling an giant Oozaru form to stand up against SSJ4, while also retailing his intelligence, was a very welcomed addition compared to every other villain.
Oct 28, 2017
Although not the worst addition, it really doesn't do anything to make me interested in going back to the game. I wish they made more iriginal choices then Goku-like characters, saiyans and variants of an existing character. At least this time around if it's Kid Goku it "should" have minimal re-use/recycling or assets.
Oct 27, 2017
If he has the Power Pole, then maybe I'll be alright, but man... Seeing ArcSys attempt to recapture the Dragon Ball artstyle would have been amazing to see.

If he transforms into SS4 as an install super, or it just comes out for one devastating super (like the Super Dragon Fist), then I hope I see Omega Shenron come with him.