GT Goku is seemingly the next FighterZ DLC

Oct 27, 2017
I like Goku, but I wasn’t a fan of GT and think it sucks that it closes the door on so many possibilities for the last slot. I would be shocked if the did a season three. It’s more likely that they do a FighterZ 2.
I think it sucks that GT fans have had to wait to get even this crumb of content. I was growing an active resentment towards the game because there was no real reason for it not to have a single representative. You and others might not like GT, but there are many who do. I'm happy to see people as excited as I am.

I also wouldn't give up on more characters. People didn't think we would get a Season 2 either and I think they should just keep adding to this like Xenoverse 2. I would love to see everyone's favorite realized in FighterZ because they've knocked it out of the part with almost every character thus far.
I can't help but feel this is the worst pick regardless of your stance.

If you don't want more Gokus, this sucks.

If you want GT rep, there are other more interesting characters. I would've loved Baby Vegeta, Omega Shenron, Super 17 or Pan.

If you DO want more Gokus, SSJ4 would've been a more visually interesting pick.

If you wanted Kid Goku, this is kind of a copout.
Oct 28, 2017
This is just so silly if it's the case. Rewatch Goku vs Tenshinhan in the 22nd Budokai and you'll see Goku continuously exchanging blows with Tenshinhan without touching the ground or even somehow moving out of the way of attacks mid-jump.

No one cares about characters without flight having air dashes or double jumps in the Marvel Vs games either.
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Oct 25, 2017
People complaining about GT ruining this franchise will always be funny to me. Like DBZ has such great, deep and consistent writing for it to be ruined.

The GT characters are fun looking and at least the arcs make sense in it
Oct 26, 2017
So DB characters are never coming then
characters like Yamcha and Tien pretty much only really use stuff from Dragon Ball so it's not like there isn't any of it in the game
Krillin and Piccolo also have stuff from DB but not nearly as much as the other two

This hurts more knowing it could very well just be regular kid Goku from the og DB.
that could have been what they were going for but something probably held them back which they had to compromise by going with his GT version
Oct 29, 2017
GT Remake is coming ?
Bandai and Toei are in a recent GT kick

-More GT focused Merch than ever
-Dokkan Anniversary being a love letter to GT
-SDBH having GT as the setting for the Demon realm arc
-GT SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta along Hyper Mega Rilld finally being added to Legendz
-GT itself is back on Japanese TV

And now this, so there's definitely a possibility of something being planned with GT.
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Well, from a function standpoint at least it seems like they'll play kinda like the Kid Goku I wanted (with the Power Pole being present). I just hope they include a proper OG Dragon Ball alt (like Videl's alt) to make it feel a bit closer to what I wanted (ignoring the Spirit Bomb).

I'm curious about the second Level 3 teased though. It'll probably just be a cut-scene super with SSJ4 or Golden Great Ape, but would they really hide something that simple? I'm really hoping that they are waiting to show off an SSJ4 install.