Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire |OT| Our Vital Status is Fluid Lately


Nov 15, 2018
Damn, I’m really enjoying the HoT maps. The music, the added challenge, even the way the story is presented is better too.

Having a lot of fun with my holosmith, I read they rework Gyros. So is scrapper finally viable for PVE? If I could have a more tanky Scrapper build compared to my glass canon Holosmith, that’d be a nice option to have.

WvW is super easy. Just jump into the maps and look for someone tagged up. Grab supply, use supply where they tell you, kill other people. Do the WvW dailies and boosters to level the reward track as quickly as possible. Just remember to make sure the gift of battle reward track is selected.
Nice, PvP intimidates me but if WvW is casual fun. Then I might dip my toes in it.


Oct 28, 2017
I finally started PoF after wrapping up the LW season 3 stuff I missed (holy shit what were they thinking with that Caudecus fight)

Man the mounts look and feel fantastic. I was really impressed with the implementation and can’t wait to get more of em. Feels refreshing to get back into this world too, wish I hadn’t stayed away for so long.