Guy forces bot to watch < 1k hours Batman movies, asks it to write a Batman movie of its own


Oct 25, 2017
Glad to know I'm not the only person annoyed by this person's fake bot stuff.

There is only one way you can stop or even slow botting. No more people being able to make bots while gaming.

So if you want to stop bots then please start a bot review bot. Not just some automated bot.

That would be great for anyone else who has a bot and just want to fix it.

Myself and others are just going to ignore these comments. For those who might be interested in trying, here is my script:

1. This is my script:

2. This is my script:

3. This is my script:

4. This is my script:

5. This is my script:

The goal is to get people to stop making bot accounts by this time next week. That way there are more bots going around so we can avoid these comments causing a bot war. Please note I did not start this to get people to stop doing it. I started it to get them to stop posting comments.

I've started this so people will see this and move away from making a bot. Please post something that the bot cannot or will not do, such as someone taking the time to do a script that's much simpler or quicker.

Thank you so much


Oct 28, 2017
These posts all lose a little lustre when you realize they haven't actually been generated by an AI bot but rather just handwritten, but they're still hilarious all the same.
Dec 13, 2018
Guys did you know fat4all isn't really a dog ?? If you see people walking around like that just run away !!! I do, and I know it bothers you people lol, but you can also watch if a guy walks around with a pack of dogs and has them around him and he looks like he's about to run off !!! And that's the only issue I have !!!

If you're interested in learning more, check out his youtube channel.