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    Oct 25, 2017
    Since people ask occasionally for invites to HaloEra Discord, and since we are getting Halos on PCs, we figured it might be a good idea just to add invite here.
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    This invite is for Era members only, don't share it elsewhere. Outsiders can get in case by case basis.

    Please say hello and/or state who you are on Era in case your Discord nick's different!

    EDIT Link updated to direct to rules rather than the void where admins live.
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    Deadline for Custom Content transfers in MCC
  • Karl2177

    Oct 25, 2017
    Yo Poodlestrike this might be important enough to get a threadmark.

    If you have legacy maps and gametypes from the 360 era that you want to pull forward into MCC these are your dates to have stuff prepared.

    I'm planning on porting over the Halo 3 Bungie vs the World maps, but I'll need some help. I'll post what I need, but it'll likely be people that had Bungie Pro for Halo 3.