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Halo: Reach MCC |OT| Reaching back into the MCC without an MC


Senior Editor at Gaming LYF
Oct 27, 2017
United Kingdom
42.2gb update here on X - ooph!

Worth noting CoD: MW Season One begins at the same time so that update is live also, alongside an Apex update is due tonight at some point in the next hour or two. Safe to say patch servers will be busy today!
Oct 26, 2017
Overwatch is a great example of how a no-sprint Halo can be released nowadays too. Around H4s launch there was lots of talk that Halo "needed" sprint to survive in the gaming landscape.
Solid point. I'd love a Reach or Odst spin off with a return of the class system. Obviously not for Infinite but as a true spin off entry.

I'd still pick whatever characters had a movement ability. I was one of the Sprint defenders, I love some good ol sprint swording.

God I'm ready to get home. Hope every one is having an easy time getting into games.


Mar 29, 2018
Only excuse I can think of is it's because the collection originally released before Play Anywhere was a thing, and with the extra work required to get all the games running on PC, they want to make sure they get money back on it.
I think the primary focus was on getting everything running (especially given the history of MCC) -- I wouldn't be surprised if there's a make-good later on down the line.


Oct 27, 2017
Got the splash screen, but then it finally found the update. Looks to be 21GB for me, hopefully will be done by the time I'm out of work in a few hours.


Oct 25, 2017
GamePass PC people. Open the Windows App Store (not the Xbox App) and go to update the MCC from there if you already downloaded the 10MB preinstall thingy.


Jun 27, 2018
Doesn't even make sense to have Play Anywhere initiative then, because money excuse can be made for every single Play Anywhere game as well. And I wouldn't call games like FH4 and Gears 5 "cheap/quick" ports.
...... They didn't make PC versions originally when this was sold like 5 years ago. the system didn't exist. Play Anywhere is a part of every new 1st party release and is fucking awesome. I don't understand your point


Oct 27, 2017
Pro tip for anyone downloading whole MCC on Xbox. After ready to install you can go ingame and in settings you can select what to download first etc.


Oct 25, 2017
My Xbox One X patch is only 22GB big. Not sure why people are getting a 42GB one?

Either way, I'm going to start the game when it becomes "Ready to start" and see what's up.


Oct 25, 2017
I've got Gamepass, so I don't really have an excuse to not at least play through the campaign.
Cleverly, I used Steam Remote Play to force the update to start in the Xbox app while I'm at work!