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Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC performance thread


Oct 25, 2017
Pretty disappointing to see all the time it took to get to PC and have some of these glaring issues... I'm still pretty excited but it sucks.


Nov 3, 2017
I just started playing and it doesn't feel smooth at all, the frame rate is pretty much locked at 120fps but it's very stuttery :/


Jan 8, 2018
The game looks and plays well for me, but the audio is an actual deal breaker. This is one of the few Halo games I never got to play and was looking forward to digging in to the campaign, but it just sounds cheap and off-kilter. Music and sound design has been a big component of the series for me, and I don't want a cheapened experience.

I think I'm going to request a refund and re-buy when they eventually fix it. Is that harsh/stupid? Mostly just want the publisher to take notice, and don't plan on playing with bad audio


Jul 11, 2018
Halo is compatible with NVIDIA Freestyle has anybody tried using the ReShado SAAO/HBAO options in it?
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