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"Help Us Preserve PlayStation Home!" - Project Destination Home (Preservation Project)


Oct 27, 2017


“Hey everyone! My name is Nagato and I’ve been working on a very cool project that deals with PlayStation Home! I’ve been working with a great team of developers and there community to help preserve any data/assets from PlayStation Home! And that’s what brings me here to talk about today’s topic, which I need your guys help! Currently our team is looking for anyone who still has PlayStation Home on there PS3, any data we can obtain can help the preservation and restoration for Home to be back online! Just last month, we've manage to restore a offline developer build and boot Home back onto our PS3's with the use of PRODG Target Manager & RPCS3, thanks to cache/asset data donations from around the community! As well our team is currently looking for reserve engineers/cryptographers) that can possibly help with this project. Our my primary goal is to get Home back running online. So our team has been working on trying to emulate Sony's Medius server via using the PlayStation 3 CFW & RPCS3. A multiude of Sony title run of this same sever network and it would be beneficial to have any packet data.

Our team is also looking for any development builds of PlayStation Home which included's:

  • NPEA00013 "Beta Home"
  • NPIA00010 "Developer PlayStation Home"
  • HDK's

For more information about this you can check out my official video here, which goes into detail on how to archive any PlayStation Home data from your PS3: https://youtu.be/BppPWh49ROU

P.S: For more information about this project you can check out these links down below where you can test the offline build yourself, + on which builds were missing.

➤ Project Destination Home's Discord: https://discord.gg/QguSBT3
➤ PlayStation Home Build Excel Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19ewS71yZoYkOjUjt5wL
➤ My Personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/NagatoRevenge
➤ Check out our latest offline dev build of PlayStation Home: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xr1e06yeu8573mb/Home_Offline.zip/file
➤ How To Run PlayStation Home Offline In 2019! (Preservation Project) Tutorial/Showcase!: https://youtu.be/rox7-qEn97M "

Thought this is a cool preservation project worth spreading found this on reddit
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Oct 25, 2017
Strong Island NY
Wow that's neat if you can run it via emulation on pc via ps3 emulator. (Sounds like that is possible)

Anyways I formatted my hdd a while back so I cant help!! :( wish I could.

Even though this thing was a sluggish mess at times, it was fun using an avatar to interact with people. The best part was playing the minigames and getting costumes based on the games! I loved that!!

I would play an emulated version for sure
Also this long time users....never forget [Xi]!


Oct 27, 2017
Wow that's neat if you can run it via emulation on pc via ps3 emulator. (Sounds like that is possible)

Anyways I formatted my hdd a while back so I cant help!! :( wish I could.
i formatted mine too because I changed storage for both PS4 and PS3 at the same time. PS4 took forever to backup and restore so i went crazy; formatted everything.


Oct 27, 2017
Ashland, Oregon
Cool project, OP!

Home had a lot of potential but was perhaps limited by the hardware and load times/constant downloading. I was actually surprised by how much content it had in the end though. Seems like something Sony could bring back on PS5, where it wild really benefit from minimal load times. A VR option would be interesting too (the similar PC VR social apps are pretty popular).


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I forgot this excised. I remember how hyped Shane was on 1UP Yours when Sony announced it at GDC.


Jan 7, 2020
Oh man, I have so many good memories of PS Home. I still have plenty of old screenshots saved, in fact.
I loved the old interface of the cards scattered across the screen, exploring every world and playing the subpar minigames, I used to watch Pulse hosted by Christina Lee in the movie theater every week instead of just downloading it or watching it on Youtube like a normal person.
Around E3 they would make a 3D recreation of their booth with trailers to check out.
I won a handful of PSOne Classis playing minigames at those special events.
I also remember the 2010 New Year's eve, for some dumb reason my friends and I let my PS3 turned on just to check on the stupid ball drop to mark the start of a new year in a timezone that wasn't even ours, we just checked the TV from time to time in-between drinks, good times.


Dec 12, 2017
Some of my exes are literally willing to spend thousands of dollars to have Home running again.

I won't tell them about this.​


Oct 25, 2017
I have a couple of working PS3s with Home on the HDD. I'll see if I can help. I'm all in favour of preserving these communities.


Nov 17, 2017
SE Asia
I'm all for preserving stuff people enjoy and really hope it won't run into a cease-and-desist wall. I don't think Sony particularly likes the existence of RPCS3.

Sadly I uninstalled Home the day the servers were decomissioned on March 31st, 2015.

Got Danny

Nov 8, 2017
There's a game on PSN called 4 Kings casino, it looks almost identical to ps home. Or atleast I remember thinking it did when I messed around with it
Nov 1, 2017
I just bought a working 40gb Fat PS3 that has Home on it. I will check when I receive it later this week which built does it have.

I have never played it but it looked nifty when I saw the announcement years ago.


Nov 5, 2017
I have said this numerous times and I will say it again: PS Home was too ambitious for its time the PS3 couldn't see its true potential but PS5 can especially with the fast loading SSD.

Sony needs to bring it back and flesh it out with VR support.
Jan 9, 2018
I miss Home. I remember when they made a virtual showroom for E3 where you could walk around and watch trailers. Sad they didn't take it a step further and let you download demos, but that was always a pipe dream.


Aug 20, 2018
Home is ahead of its time. I think it can work well in the PS4 era and obviously the PS5 too...that SSD is probably gonna load the worlds and my room much faster than the PS3.


Oct 28, 2017
I spent a lot of time on Xi. Really enjoyed that. Still have some people on my friends list that I met on there and went puzzle solving together.


Oct 29, 2017
I would have contributed to this but I reset my PS3 not too long ago. Dammit. Anyway it's good to see people actually talking about Home for once. Alot of people miss it, it seems. And I'm not the only one! Those were the days. Had so much potential on the PS4/PSVR. Let's hope they bring it back for the PS5!


May 15, 2018
Toulouse, France
This was my jaaaaam with two of my best friends.
We spent a lot of time playing poker with strangers, it was awesome.
Also doing some weird shit, like, one of us would invite some stranger in its in game house, and the two others would hide behind the tv or behind the fridge or some shit and try no to get seen by the stranger.