Herman Miller + Logitech have team up to design ergonomic gaming furniture

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Product Management
Oct 27, 2017
Finally, we might actually get some good "gaming" chairs. I'm not looking to replace my Aerons at home any time soon, but this is cool for someone who decidedly wants "gaming" styled gear.

Herman Miller said:
Logitech G, a brand of Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) and Herman Miller (NASDAQ: MLHR), today announced an exclusive partnership to research, design, and manufacture the next generation high-performance furniture solutions for gamers. Both companies bring years of design and engineering expertise in their respective fields, and combined will address the needs of esports athletes, gamers, and streamers.

"At Herman Miller, we have a rich history of designing solutions to support people wherever they live and work," said Tim Straker, Herman Miller's Chief Marketing Officer. "We're excited to combine our ergonomic, research-driven approach with Logitech G's excellence in technology and innovation. Together, we'll develop high-quality solutions that provide gamers and esports athletes with the utmost support and comfort."
More in the press release:


Oct 25, 2017
These will be a few hundred dollars more than any gaming chair on the market if they're actually worthwhile, but the fact that they could be good ergonomic seating is a huge improvement.

Mr. Poolman

The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
I will need to see those tacky desks with neon lights or something.
Also a Mountain Dew holder.
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