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Oct 27, 2017
I got 4 laps but eventually got bored. You keep getting the same 4 quests over and over again. It's extremely easy to farm those quests, but it's dull as heck. Kinda burned me on the game, plus all the "dead game" talk.
Oct 25, 2017
What? He looks incredible... his wings light up and expand during abilities and hearthing and stuff. Hero is EXTREMELY fun to play, he will be very popular
His kit is pretty cookie cutter but he's pretty fun to play I agree. I don't like his model at all though and he feels very slow in his walking animations and such.


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Oct 25, 2017
He's got a power walk and an alien abduction ult. It's hilarious and he's gonna be a ton of fun.

Damn shame they waited until they killed the game to add him ;__;
Oct 25, 2017
If they are only level 50 to 90 then that’s nothing to do with pressure from the pro meta stopping them playing. That’s entirely down to a reduction in player numbers meaning the game it’s having to broaden the ranks of players it’s matching you with (remember that it’s not supposed to match you with players under level 100). People who are only level 50 weren’t hiding in quick match afraid of the pro meta. People at level 50 haven’t played enough games to be afraid of the pro meta!
Oct 25, 2017
The curse of 2.0 is finally lifted:

Another thing I mentioned in my last post was that we’d be reevaluating not only our content and feature plans, but also taking another look at how players unlock the Collection. As part of looking back, we took stock of where we’ve been across the game’s lifespan. We recognized that Heroes 2.0 was an important step in our game’s evolution and brought a lot of very positive changes. It grew our audience, got more players earning or buying the stuff we loved creating, and most importantly – it uncapped progression and gave all Heroes players a chance to unlock content in the Collection for free by simply playing the game and earning Loot Chests. While we saw a lot of benefits from our Heroes 2.0 changes, they did come at the cost of taking away the ability to purchase most skins directly. I’m excited to say that we’ve decided to make some changes here based on player feedback.

Beginning with the Resistance patch that hits next week, all skins in the Collection will be purchasable individually with Gems. This is a change that many of our players have asked for, and we’re really happy to finally bring it to the game. Note that this goes beyond what we offered pre-Heroes 2.0, as every skin in the Collection will now have a Gem and Shard price individually, whereas before Heroes 2.0 skins were only available in bundles that included every color variation. Be sure to check out the patch notes next week for all the details and know that we have plans down the road to expand these offerings to the rest of the Collection. We hope this change helps give players the best option yet to get the exact content they’re most excited about.

We didn’t want to stop there, so we also looked deeper at ways we could provide more value and utility with Gold. As a result, we’re going to start allowing players to convert their earned Gold to Shards alongside the release of our Spring Event next month. This change combined with the Gem changes is intended to give all players maximum flexibility in how they unlock their favorite content, and the team is excited to provide these options.
Lootboxes will be fun again for the first time since before 2.0's first LTE. Can finally be happy from what I get, instead of cursing what I didn't.

It's funny how the less a AAA publisher is invested in the success of a game, the better it gets.
Oct 26, 2017


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Oct 25, 2017
Oct 25, 2017