Heroes Vs. Villains 2 Mafia [OT] - A Clash of Light and Darkness


Oct 29, 2017

Colors weave into a spire of flame
Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed
Bear this torch against the cold of the night
Search your soul and reawaken the undying light

1 Year after the events of HVV, a being with godlik powers was born. This being was named Galeem,
Galeem was able to turn a lot of heroes into villains, the heroes took a stand at Princess Peach's rebuilt castle,
but failed to defeat Galeem, then they disbanded and went into hiding. A few months later, another similar being appeared, named Dharkon.
It turned out that these 2 were natural enemies of each other. A being representing light and the other representing darkness.
Now, 5 years after the battle at Peach's Castle, the heroes decided to gather 1 last time and take a stand and try to defeat
both of these beings.

Near: What happened at the meeting Captain?
Captain America: I knew it was a longshot, but I didn't think it would go that bad. Jedah will not help us,
but not only that, he decided that only he can correct the universe, he will gather souls from heroes and villains alike and
summon the fetus of God to reset the universe as he seems fit.
Sepherd: So it's just us right? The people in this room.
Captain America: Unfortunately yes. There's about 50 of us here, against the forces of Galeem, Dharkon and Jedah, whose numbers
go in the millions.
Lara Croft: Sounds like it's over then.
Captain America: No, there's 1 way. We could collect the Infinity Stones and defeat them that way.
Lich Queen Sylvanas: Do we know where these are?
Captain America: I did a search, it seems like all 6 of them are here on Earth.
Optimus Prime: Then let's hurry, there's no time to lose.
Jack Sparrow: Optimus is right, let's roll out.
Optimus Prime:...
Captain America: Not so fast, there is a being that's after the stones too, he's called Thanos, he is extremely dangerous, we need to be careful.
Here's the plan, we will split into 5 teams, 10 people each. 1 will go after Galeem, 1 will go after Dharkon, 1 after Jedah and 1 to collect the stones.
Sepherd: Unless I miscounted, that's 4.
Captain America: The 5th one will stay here to guard the HQ. I myself will go after Jedah. We meet here in a few hours to teleport to our locations. Use these last hours wisely.
We don't know what awaits us.

A few hours later, the heroes gather and go to the teleporter...

Captain America: All right, we have a plan, 5 teams, 3 enemies, 1 shot. 5 years ago we lost. All of us,
we lost friends, we lost family, we lost part of ourselves. Today we have a chance to take it all back,
you know your teams, you know your missions. No mistakes, no do-overs. Be careful, look out for each other,
this is the fight of our lives, and we are gonna win, whatever it takes. Good luck.

The teams are each teleported to their locations.

Light will guide you, on your way to the ultimate fight.

Heroes Remaining: 50
Villains Remaining: 999999+

1. [She/Her] Cat - CST
2. [He/Him] TearablePuns - EST
3. [He/Him] Fantomas - CDT
4. [He/Him] Maolfunction - PST
5. [He/Him] Verelios - EST
6. [He/Him] Kalor - BST
7. [He/Him] Stuart444 - BST
8. [He/Him] Fran - GMT-3
9. [They/Them] Sorian - CST
10. [He/Him] Muffin - CEST
11. [He/Him] Nin - GMT+1
12. [He/Him] Brazil - GMT-3
13. [He/Him] Fandorin - GMT-3
14. [She/Her] Ketkat - GMT-4
15.[He/Him] Apopheniac - EST
16.[He/Him] Absolutbro - EST
17. [He/Him] Zippedpinhead - GMT-5
18. [She/Her] Kitsunelaine - GMT+12
19. [They/Them] Weemadarthur - CST
20. [She/Her] Lokiduck - PDT
21. [She/Her] Swamped - EST
22. [he/him] NeonBorealis - CST
23. [He/Him] TheChuggernaut - CST
24. [He/Him] Vincent Alexander - CST-6
25. [He/Him] Malus - CEST
26. [They/Them] Aeleus - BST
27. [He/Him] Oliver James - GMT+8
28. [He/Him] Faddy - UTC+1


You are Bandana Dee!

You are aligned with the Heroes (That’s the Town)

You win when all threats to the Heroes are eliminated.

You don’t have any abilities, your character sucks anyway and will never get into Smash.

Good Luck, Bandana Dee!
Mentorship program
For new and returning players who would like some assistance, we offer a mentorship program where a volunteer veteran player can assist you. If you are interested in having a Mentor for this game, please contact your Gamerunner. For more info, please check the main MafiERA OT.

Day 1 Begins in:

Lokiduck is Captain America, Mod Confirmed Town
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Oct 29, 2017
What Is Mafia?
Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a famous social deduction game that puts two teams against each other: Town and Mafia. Mafia players know who everyone in their team is, while Town players only know their own alignment. Cut into two ‘Phases’, Day and Night, the game entails Town trying to eliminate the Mafia via discussion and voting while the Mafia are trying to not get caught in order to match or outnumber the Town in order to win.

Interested in joining or learning more? Check out our MafiERA OT!

1. All site-wide rules apply here.
2. Unless explicitly told otherwise, players may not discuss this game outside of this thread.
3. Unless explicitly told otherwise, players may not directly quote or post screenshots of any PMs, posts, conversations, or any other type of document that was not made in this thread.
4. Players are allowed to lie, within reason, about any game-related material such as the content of a role PM.
5. Please respect all of your fellow players. We ask that you respect a player’s personal pronouns and be aware of accessibility when using non-default text formatting. Please do not refer to, or discuss, player activity outside of this thread, for the sake of the game’s integrity.
6. Mafia can be an intense and stressful game at times with situations becoming heated. Despite this, being overly hostile towards your fellow players is not allowed. If a player is caught name calling, using slurs, and/or other aggressive behaviors determined by the gamerunner they will be warned. If these behaviors continue despite the warning that player will be modkilled. No exceptions.

7. Players are required to post a minimum of 10 posts per day phase. Failure to adhere to this will first result in a warning. On the second offense that player will be removed from the game.
8. If a player posts fewer than 5 posts in a day phase without alerting the gamerunner to their absence, they will be removed from the game without a warning.
9. If you are unable to continue playing for whatever reason, please contact your gamerunner.
10. If a replacement is added to the game, they may request the current/upcoming night phase to be extended up-to 48 hours to allow time to catch up.

Voting and Lynching:
11. In order to vote for another player to be lynched, you must present it on its own line and in the following format with no spaces: [ HIGHLIGHT ]VOTE: playername[ /HIGHLIGHT ]. Misspelt votes are only accepted within reason. Any other format will not be accepted.
12. To remove a vote from a player, you may simply vote for another player, or you may present it on its own line and in the following format with no spaces: [ HIGHLIGHT ]UNVOTE[ /HIGHLIGHT ].
13. Players may vote for a “No Lynch” to end the day phase without a lynch. This is done by using the formatting above and typing: [ HIGHLIGHT ]VOTE: No Lynch[ /HIGHLIGHT ].
14. When a player has received a strict majority of available votes (>50%), the day phase ends with the lynch of that player. Once a day phase has ended any in-game discussion stops and votes cast after that will not be counted.
15. If a day ends with two or more people having the same amount of votes, the day is extended by 30 minutes, after the 30 minutes are up, the person with the most votes is lynched, if it is still a tie then the day ends with a No Lynch

Death and the Spectator Thread:
16. Once you are dead, you may no longer discuss the game in any manner with any of the remaining players.
17. Once dead, players may have a choice between the spectator thread and the replacement list. PM your gamerunner for more information.

18. Outside of explicit allowances the use of the highlight tag is strictly for gamerunners. Do not use it.
19. Do not edit your posts or hide content in the formatting. Repeat offenders will be removed from the game.
20. If a player is banned or they are replaced due to inactivity they will have the lowest possible priority when signing up for a spot in their next game.
21. Gamerunners reserve the right to add, remove, or modify existing any rules at any point, and enforcement may be applied retrospectively. However, all players will be informed of changes beforehand.


Oct 29, 2017
Player Roster:
1. NEW - Cat - CST - She/Her
2. TearablePuns - EST - He/Him
3. Fantomas - CDT - He/Him
4. Maolfunction - PST - He/Him
5. Verelios - EST - He/HIm
6. Kalor - BST - He/Him
7. Stuart444 - BST - He/Him [Stu]
8. Fran - GMT-3 - He/Him
9. Sorian - CST - They/Them
10. Muffin - CEST - He/Him
11. Nin - GMT+1 - He/Him
12. Brazil - GMT-3 - He/Him
13. Fandorin - GMT-3 - He/Him
14. KetKat - GMT-4 - She/Her
15. Apopheniac - EST - He/Him
16. Absolutbro - EST - He/Him
17. Zippedpinhead - GMT-5 - He/Him
18. Kitsunelaine - GMT+12 - She/Her
19. Weemadarthur - CST - They/Them
20. lokiduck - PDT - She/Her [Ms. Bird, Loki]
21. Swamped - EST - She/Her
22. NeonBorealis - CST - He/Him
23. TheChuggernaut - CST - He/Him
24. Vincent Alexander - CST-6 - He/Him
25. malus - CEST - He/Him
26. Aeleus - BST - They/Them
27. Oliver James - GMT+8 - He/Him
28. Faddy - UTC+1 - He/Him

1. Lone_Prodigy - EST - He/Him
2. EzekelRAGE - CST - He/Him
3. Stantastic - GMT+12 - He/Him
4. Sawneeks - PST - She/Her
5. Natiko - EST - He/Him
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Event stuff


Oct 29, 2017
Event Introduction:

For the first 4 in-game days, there will be 2 events per day. These events will grant an item to the winner. The losers will sometimes be punished, the level of punishment will be specified when that event is introduced. Some events are public while others are PM based. Not all of the items are useful to the player who wins, some need to be in the possession of specific characters to work. If an event has sign-ups those will last half an hour, and 5-10 minutes after that the event will begin. If a player holding an item is killed, the item is transferred to the killer, if a player holding an item is lynched, I will ask a question in the game thread, the first person to correctly answer it with highlighted text wins the item. Additionally, a player can give an item to another during the day or the night with the command [ highlight] GIVE: X item, Y Player[ /highlight]. An item can only be passed once during the day, also if an item is given away in a night, the action is a ninja one and is the last thing that happens in a night. I will also mention the activity level needed for the event.
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Oct 29, 2017
Event 1:
Treasure Hunt: A player chooses a chest(first come first serve), the total number of chests is the same as the amount of players. One chest has inside a treasure, if the chest you select has nothing, then it is removed from selection and the next person chooses another. If you select the chest with the item then you win it. Public event, Punishment is death, no limited spots, activity level needed: low.
Event 1


Oct 29, 2017
Reno Jackson: Do you see these chests? We are almost certain there's an item that can help us defeat Galeem there, try opening them.
Brann:Oh, oh, let me open one! (Brann tries to open one but it is a trap and dies)
Reno:Uh...watch out.

However, there are 4 monsters hiding in the chests(or are the chests lol), so watch out.
Event 1 starts with the game itself.



Oct 26, 2017
Am I reading the rules correctly and this time there isnt an option to give items to other people? Only killing/lynching?


Oct 29, 2017
I am loving this. PM received.

Geno Just to clarify, anyone who doesn't select a chest is killed, right?
Basically how it goes is. Event starts, anyone can select a chest and I will give the result right away. If a lot of time passes and players refuse to select chests I will force open them for players who haven't selected. The event has to end with the treasure won by someone.


Oct 26, 2017
Basically how it goes is. Event starts, anyone can select a chest and I will give the result right away. If a lot of time passes and players refuse to select chests I will force open them for players who haven't selected. The event has to end with the treasure won by someone.
If the treasure is won by someone, do the others who didnt select a chest still have the rest of the chests force opened for them or does it immediately end when the treasure is found?


Oct 25, 2017
I'm just hoping that Blarg didn't signed up so I can have my revenge on him.

I already bookmarked Bulbapedia just in case.