Heroes Vs. Villains 2 Mafia [OT] - A Clash of Light and Darkness


Oct 25, 2017
FoL: Even Night Faction Kills (likely now all Nights since Darkness is now gone)
Jedah: Doesn't have a Faction Kill untill Fol/FoD are dead

We have 9 Players with 2 Scum Players likely left. 1 we can assume is now a Neutral SK (Nat).

Therefore we have 6 Town, 1 FoL Scum, 1 Jedah Scum, and 1 Neutral.

Going forward let’s assume Nat kills only, Doc fails.
Day 10: Town mislunch + Town double NK
Day 11 we would have 3 Town, 1 FoL Scum, 1 Jedah Scum, and 1 Neutral. Let’s assume Town mislunch + Town double NK
Day 12 we would be at 1 FoL Scum, and 1 Jedah Scum. FoL wins.

Now let’s assume in this one Nat doesn’t kill and protects, Doc still misses.
Day 10: Town mislunch + Town NK (which Nat takes like a champ)
Day 11 we would have 5 Town, 1 FoL Scum, and 1 Jedah Scum. Mislunch + NK
Day 12: 3 Town, 1 FoL Scum, and 1 Jedah Scum. Mislunch + NK
Day 13: 1 Town, 1 FoL, and 1 Jedah Scum. Unless Town + jedah team up to stop FoL then the latter team wins. Town + Jedah combo means Jedah wins.

So we have potentially anywhere from 2 - 3 phases left. This includes our current phase. We gain 1 extra phase if Nat does not kill.

Now theoretically if we hit Scum today and Nat NKs the last one we may have enough to spare to let Nat win.
Day 10: Scum lunch + Scum NK + Town NK
Day 11: 5 Town, 1 Neutral. Town NK and Nat wins
Day 12: 4 Town. Town win.

Even pushing that back a Day (or getting a Doc save again) could still give Nat room for his victory. We’d just need to nail Scum sooner as opposed to later.

NK/lunch numbers.


Oct 25, 2017
I can not answer that.
The fuck lol

Vote: Aeleus

with Nat NKing Chuggs.
But Aeleus basically cannot be FoL short of them having shot at Fran with Fran actually commuting N2.

So, if Nat kills Chuggs tonight, that is 2nd kill. We have to lunch Nat next day or his 3rd kill ends game, right? Or are we cool with Nat taking a W?
I exit the game, the game does not end (unless I snipe a final scum on the way out though even then I assume it triggers the boss fight). This also assumes scum don't take the final pot shot at me and remove me from the board which is what I'm expecting - you don't make a concerted effort to remove my BP if you're not going to follow through on it.

If the "3 kills for a win" thing is actually true.
It is. Obviously I get why people would be skeptical, but I've tried to be forthright and all of that would be pointless as hell if that wincon was a lie. There'd be absolutely no way I make it out alive - the lie would be exposed sooner rather than later.


Oct 25, 2017
VOTE: TheChuggernaut

Aeleus seems unlikely to be FoL. I'm not there on the Muffin theory. Saw is apparently town via some weird mysticism. Chuggs had the slip earlier about both him and I dying tonight, and he didn't seem to remember I had a BP. I don't know. I'm struggling here.


Oct 25, 2017
Which is possible? Fran seemed really adamant about Stan NOT being able to hit him that Night and he did have a commute shot.
It is possible, not denying that. I just want to find the FoL scum first and foremost, and I'm not sure they're MOST likely at this point for FoL. Subbing into this has been an emotional rollercoaster - I just don't want to lose in such a lame way because FoL scum decided to burn two kills on me when I'd be exiting the game soon anyways.


Oct 26, 2017
Did we ever talk about if Chuggs knows what item he drops btw? We're getting a greencheck out of it already if he has positive honor, but in the best case it's also a useful item


Oct 27, 2017
==== DAY 10 VOTES ====
Day Start

TheChuggernaut (3 votes)
Sawneeks - #9,846 #9,891
Natiko - #10,117
Sawneeks - #10,120
Muffin - #10,122

Sawneeks (3 votes)
Aeleus - #9,935
Vincent Alexander - #9,984 #10,100
Absolutbro - #9,995
TheChuggernaut - #10,047

Muffin (1 votes)
Brazil - #10,001

Aeleus (1 votes)
TheChuggernaut - #9,797 #10,047
Vincent Alexander - #9,859 #9,878
Cat - #9,889
Natiko - #9,933 #9,975
Sawneeks - #10,099 #10,120
Muffin - #10,102 #10,122

Absolutbro (0 votes)
Cat - #9,775 #9,888
Muffin - #9,900 #10,102

Not voting: Vincent Alexander

Post Counts:
Muffin: 67 Absolutbro: 55 Brazil: 52 Sawneeks: 41 Natiko: 39 Aeleus: 35 Vincent Alexander: 30 TheChuggernaut: 30 Cat: 19 Stantastic: 1

Current Countdown:

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Oct 25, 2017
dont think i've heard a compelling argument that im scum today either. Aeleus just seemed to vote me for 'reasons' and that he has had an 'all scum streak' so that clearly means he's right about me. :u