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Highlighting Valuable 3DS Before They Become Harder to Find

Oct 27, 2017
Definitely think a lot of these late releases are going to be hard to find at some point. Most of the attention has moved on to the Switch and I’m sure retailers and Nintendo know that, leading to smaller print runs.

Alien Chaos 3D is expensive now? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Got my copy for $10 at a Kmart. Never seen another one in any store. Even Kmart is gone now or not carrying games anymore.
There were a few hard to find games in those Kmart clearance sales. Madden, Oregon Trail, Alien Chaos 3D, and American Mensa Academy are all ones that I picked up for $10 or less at KMart. Really miss them carrying games. I got so many games from their clearance sales for under $10 new.
Oct 25, 2017
NIB Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Mark of Mastery Edition
I had a chance to get this when it first came out and literally when I sat down to order it it disappeared. Somewhat irrelevant now with the PS4 version but still a pricey item.

I think another very expensive 3DS game is the Louvre Guide. Another I had the chance to buy when I was in France but passed up at the cash and now totally regret.