Hip-Hop ERA |OT2| I Put the Fish in My Glove and I Freaked It.


Oct 26, 2017
I could have guessed that would eventually happen. Game is a style vulture. He just wasn't brave enough to do it when he was alive.


Oct 25, 2017
great interview with LB:

How Little Brother Learned to Be a Family Again
Ironically, in an interview with Hip Hop DX, you guys said you just now learned to finally be friends after 20 years.

Phonte: Absolutely. You know, the first time we actually did Little Brother and when we first formed the group, we kind of just jumped into it head first. One of the things that I've always been stressing when I talk to younger artists is to get to know the people you're working with -- because you might know somebody as an artist, but you don't know them as a person. Eventually, no matter how great their art is, that person is gonna show the fuck up, and when they do, you better know who they are.

So you gotta have those conversations early where you're like, "OK. You might be nice with the rhymes and you nice with the beats and you nice with the production. We gonna form this crew." But you have to talk to each one of those people and find out what really drives them. Like, what are you in this for? What's your motivation? We're all trying to get on, but what does getting on look like to you? Does that change? In five years that could look like something else. You have to those conversations.

There would be times I saw Pooh more than I saw my kids, and you don't wanna be trapped on a submarine with a fucking dickhead. Nobody wants to work in that presser cooker situation with people they don't fucking like. Get to know those people no matter how good their art is. This was the first time we were able to really create outside of the pressure of our youth and just make it. We got to take our time and really learn each other just as men and people. They were times he'd come to the crib and record and we wouldn't even record, we just kicked it.

Big Pooh: We ain't never kicked it [before]. [Laughs.]

Phonte: We never kicked it! Because we were always working together. It's very easy to work with someone, and it confuses familiarity with closeness. We done been around each other. We're familiar with each other, but we're not close. We're just in close quarters. So I think this was the first time we really became close, and I think that showed up in the music.
What's your current relationship with 9th Wonder? Because he posted a congratulations post on Instagram.

Both: That was bullshit!

Big Pooh: We didn't get a text in our group chat that we've had...well...it hasn't been active. [Laughs.] Real talk, if you have my number, right? Before you do all that for the Gram, say it to me first. If he was to send the text, like, "Look, man. I know we done or whatever, but I just wanna congratulate ya'll for pushing through. The record dope," and then he put that [on Instagram], it would be cool. But for you to do that and we haven't heard from you... I ain't talk to that n---a since March.

Do you think it's also a competitive thing -- being that he executive produced Rapsody's Eve album, which dropped just around the same time?

Phonte: That ain't have shit to do with that shit, man. Very quickly, just to clear it up -- we did start this project as the three of us, together. We started it. And then, it became very clear that we just bumped on two very big issues. One was we had wildly different ideas as to what production meant. He thought of production in the sense of just beat-maker. We were thinking of production in a classical Quincy Jones sense.

To him, he wanted to produce all the beats on the album. Not only did he want to produce all the beats on the album, he wanted to refuse the right to any other producer to work on the album. So any other producer that we wanted to work with -- from Notts, !llmind, and all these brothers that helped keep the LB name alive while he wasn't in the picture -- he thought he had the right to say, "No, these guys shouldn't be a part of this." We was like "N---a, hell nah. You not making that call." The Soul Council, he didn't even want his own crew on the record.

He said, "Y'all gonna give me my spot back."

Phonte: And about that, we ain't giving you shit back. Earn your fucking spot back. Like when a n---a gets hurt and you're the star running back, the back-up comes in and starts beasting, you come out of rehab and you're not automatically back in.

Big Pooh: You seen what happened to Le'Veon Bell.

Phonte: We gotta figure out how to work you back into this whole existing framework. We can figure it out together and have conversations as a team. We're still with you, but you're going to participate in this. You're not going to dictate a goddamn thing. That was one.

The second thing was that we both had wildly different ideas of what commitment meant. So when it came down to, "Hey, man. What if I just come out and do the festival shows with y'all, and [tour DJ] Flash do the regular shows." It's like, get the fuck out of here. You're either all in or you're out. There's no beef. It's just clarity.

During this process, it's been a real journey. Just seeing things twist and turn, it was God's time. This was something to where at the end of this process, it really just put a period at the end of our relationship with him both personally and professional. It was cool. There's no beef because it was based on a true understanding of I see who you are. Just like how I got to know Pooh as a man, I got to know you as a man, and I can accept that. In my acceptance of that, I can also say, "N---a, I'm good on that."
tho i have to admit, i didn't really miss 9th on the new album. the production is dope.


Oct 25, 2017
Saw that. There's a woman behind the hit who is arrested who seems to have had some beef with that dude from a while before and was apparently like forbidden by law to contact him and stuff.

Also dude is still alive y'all. Dunno if the article there said that since i didn't read it cause im a lazy boi, but yeah.


Oct 25, 2017
Illithid Dude A surprising amount of Memories of Murder mentions in that thread, I wonder if those would turn into Parasite once it drops in the U.S. given how much people seem to be frothing over it. Memories.., holds a special place in my heart because it a) got me into the movies of my motherland and b) triggered my love and appreciation for film as an art form. My parents never put me on to music so I was left to my own devices growing up but they set the course right when it comes to movies.
I don't usually post in list dump threads cause there's no discussion but I gotta support the hip hop era brethren
peyrin the hopeless romantic aye? hehe


Oct 25, 2017
anyone else have a religious experience listening to this Bon Iver? LAWD iMi, Hey, Ma, and U (Man Like) especially are uplifting AF

Full time, you talk your money up
While it's living in a coal mine



Oct 25, 2017
I'd also like to regretfully inform Hip-Hop ERA that I like this new BROCKHAMPTON, including basically all of the singles that I hated before. It's really a damn grower.

Pretty much only don't like DEARLY DEPARTED and the two outro songs, the rest of it is varying degrees of good to great. It might be their most consistent album to me, although the highs never hit any of those from SATURATION and SATURATION 2.

- - -

Rapid reviews:

The only good song on the AUGUST 08 is Spiral.

New Missy is kind of forgettable. DripDemeanor is alright and Why I Still Love You is good, but overall I don't see myself coming back to it.

Jeezy album is trash. Oh Yea is phenomenal though, and this Ball Greezy dude sounds like Jeezy before his balls dropped, it's super weird to hear them back-to-back, didn't even notice it at first.

Only have listened to the new Snoh Aalegra as background music but man it was damn good background music. Gotta give it a proper listen soon.


Oct 25, 2017
Fans of Blood Orange should check out this new Kindness album. Dev and Solange both have features and it is heavily inspired by dev’s work.
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Apr 12, 2018
Super the watch , LOL’d at the Frank Ocean tidbit at the end and when Wheezy was like “ I had no idea who this guy was”



Oct 26, 2017
After a goddamn YEAR I finally have a way to listen to Up that isn’t Earthgang’s Colours snow.

(Watch if you haven’t, the charisma is godlike)