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Hip-Hop ERA |OT2| I Put the Fish in My Glove and I Freaked It.

Oct 25, 2017
i am by no means a travis scott fan but i wouldn't morally equate fairly standard industry sliminess to beating women. those first two links do explain why that whole chapter of his life seems to be omitted from any profiles done on him tho
Oct 29, 2017
So not sure how many people know, but the UK scene experienced a loss a couple days ago... rapper Cadet passed away in a car crash. He's been in the scene for over 10 years but was only jsut making it big in the charts. Real sad, and was a proper MC who could rap his arse off. Some choice cuts posted below showing his deeper side:
A song about him being an actual slut, the reactions from the women behind are great:

And the time he beefed with his cousin, Krept, of Krept & Konan (the biggest UK rap duo), a deep personal tune directed at him:
and then his cousin replied as well.... real personal and introspective stuff. Why I rated him:

Bruh.. DigDat had a HUGE 2018. His song airforce was literally maybe the UK drill song of the year. It was the first UK drill song to chart, man made history. Its a banger:
Shiiit, the Slut Freestyle is crazy good.
Oct 25, 2017
Oct 25, 2017
lol wrong thread but it stands

edit: actually it was toku who brought this to my attention via twitter, so i guess it's tangentially related to the thread in a very roundabout way
Oct 25, 2017
Behind you.
Yeah, this situation is all kinds of awful. But hey, we live in an era where corporations act depressed on Twitter and act like humans as they fuck up our economies, our bodies, and our existences.

I hope all you Activision folks land on your feet.