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Hip-Hop ERA |OT2| I Put the Fish in My Glove and I Freaked It.


Oct 25, 2017
The Netherlands
I just had to vote for Todd Philips as best director. You already know he's gonna win that shit.

This list made me realise how little movies my local theatre actually shows. It's mainly blockbuster shit.


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Oct 25, 2017
i think it's pretty unlikely they give it to the guy who made a cover song movie of one of the other nominees. if the Academy snubbed Uncut Gems cuz Sandler made a bunch of anti-movies for decades they're probably not gonna forget Philips made three Hangover movies


Oct 25, 2017
Keep trying to get into Roddy, it's just kind of bland to me.. The Box is wavy, the rest is just kind of boring.

edit: I do like Peta as well, good track.. but overall the album is just mids
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Oct 25, 2017
Roddy is nice, but how did The Box hit #1 so fast? Is it viral on tiktok or something?
It is. Also lots of memes elsewhere.

It's a good song, but I never figured it'd have mainstream popularity. The EEE URRR made it so, I guess. Memorable moments in songs supersede anything else nowadays.

Gods Eyes still the best joint off of the album. His sublime flow on that is nearly as good if not better than on Ballin.


Oct 26, 2017
Not sure if anyone fucks with STRFKR, but ive been jammin to this the past week. Been a fan since my days living in Portland. Even saw them live. Theyre great

OG Kush

Oct 25, 2017
Been listening to that youtube guy who does really good vinyl mixes. Specifcally the 70s pyschadelic turkish mixes. It helped me redisover this banger:
I've been searching for this track ever since I heard Oh No sample it on one his beat tapes. I believe Skate 2 used it for one of their trailers. Then Mos Def took Oh No's track and made "Supermagic"

Also, anyone here have experience with No Fap/Semen Retention? I think I have dopamine abuse/addiction, leading to attention issues. Kanye's story about discovering a porn magazine at 11 and it having impacted everything he's done and his mind since then rings true for me. I wish I could kick sex/porn use. It actually gets me a bit down, I feel I can accomplish so much if my mind wasnt fueled by sex and lust. I keep relapsing with No Fap. I feel good but if I don't fap it tends to lead me to chasing women and that whole cycle. Sex workers. Texting women you normally wouldnt just to bus that nut. So on the flip side, fapping stops me doing that. All in all, Its not nice have that weakness where a desire can control you.

I've started reacing Mantak Chia's "Cultivating Male Sexual Energy". All bout semen retentiion and taoist philosophies related to it.

Only 30 pages or so through but it really grabbing me. Maybe I need to read more and it'll help me push through. I even use to love reading, but don't have much concentration for it these days. I feel like I need a 2 week silent meditaiton retreat or something. Maybe a really strong psychadelic trip, but at the same time I don't think its healthy to rely on drugs as guidance (can be a useful tool though, especially with addictive tendencies).


Oct 25, 2017
OG Kush Fooling around on Tinder a couple times over the new year kinda made me realise my porn addiction was exaggerating this desire I thought I had for sex/women. I still think I have a high libido but porn is something I'm gonna try leave behind in the 2010s. I've gone eight days porn-free/no fap so far. Last time I went on a good run I had the best sleep of my life, but of course I relapsed immediately lol. This time round I'm not gonna stress about relapsing. I always daydreamed about a life where I had quit porn which isn't a healthy mindset. Now I don't mind if it takes me a year or five, what matters is that I gradually get there.

I think it's also important to separate fapping from porn because while the former is perfectly healthy, the latter is not. We got this🙏

Also s/o to whoever posted My Analog Journal, it's the perfect thing to either just lie in bed and listen to or put on the background while studying or writing - hell even when you've got people over and need some cool ambiance.
Oct 26, 2017
Yo, I've been listening to some dirty south stuff from the 90's. Outside of Outkast and some Scarface, I hadn't really delved into any major or obscure discographies.

What I'm saying is, how come none of y'all mentioned 8ball and MJG before?!

This shit is perfect driving music.


Oct 25, 2017
Archy Marshall has announced his third King Krule album: Man Alive! is out February 21 via True Panther/Matador. The record includes songs that were featured in Marshall’s Hey World! short film, including “(Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On” and “Alone Omen 3.” Below, watch Marshall’s self-directed visual for the former.


01 Cellular
02 Supermaché
03 Stoned Again
04 Comet Face
05 The Dream
06 Perfecto Miserable
07 Alone Omen 3
08 Slinsky
09 Airport Antenatal Airplane
10 (Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On
11 Theme for the Cross
12 Underclass
13 Energy Fleets
14 Please Complete Thee
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Oct 25, 2017
Behind you.
New Thundercat album April 3rd:

Thundercat produced It Is What It Is with Flying Lotus. In addition to Lacy and Arrington, the record has contributions from Childish Gambino, Lil B, Kamasi Washington, Ty Dolla $ign, BADBADNOTGOOD, Louis Cole, and comedian/rapper Zack Fox.

Thundercat said in a press release, “This album is about love, loss, life and the ups and downs that come with that.” He added, “It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but at different points in life you come across places that you don’t necessarily understand... some things just aren’t meant to be understood.”
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