"Horse Girl" starring Alison Brie - Netflix February 7th


Oct 29, 2017
Agreed. I thought after the baker acting it was going to take a more empathetic and grounded turn into helping her, but they continued to just use mental illness as a prop to make the audience question reality and that really irks me in media. It just feels exploitative.
I'm in this camp. Keeping the audience in suspense about reality versus the protagonist's state of mind always feels tiresome and reductive to me. I felt the same about Take Shelter, but I know most people love that one. For the most part I enjoyed watching this, but the value evaporated for me by the end.


Oct 25, 2017
the title is interesting because no one calls her horse girl; I wonder if it alludes to a future we don't see where her breakdown leads to people calling her that?
Obviously everything in her life and what happened was awful, and the horse was the only good thing in it, but sadly even the horse had a traumatic memory associated with it (the injury of her friend).

Thought the hallucination sequence was well shot, but they didn't quite nail it with this one. Still worth a watch for Brie's acting.
Oct 28, 2017
As someone whose mother has been in and out of mental institutions her whole life, which often resulted in me questioning my own sanity, this movie really hit home for me.

People dogging on the portrayal of mental illness in this film dont seem to get it. Something like Horse Girl is far more elegant than say Joker.

Allison Brie owned her role and really strutted her chops here. Cinematography and the score were fantastic. One of the best movies I've ever seen honestly, and I'm def a snob


Nov 13, 2017


obviously there are a lot of really generic shots that can be found in tons of movies, but there's enough there that it's at least somewhat suspicious

Nose Master

Oct 27, 2017
That comparison video is reaching pretty hard. There are so many generic shots. "They framed two people talking behind a counter the same!" Like, what? You could probably drum up a similar reel from A Goofy Movie.

That said, this was fine. The ending left me pretty disappointed. Would have liked to see more of the reality of it interweaved in. Ending felt unfinished in an artsy trope kind of way.