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House of Horrors Mafia |OT| Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Oct 25, 2017
A crowd was beginning to gather outside of the newly renovated house, all of them eager to get inside their new home. There was a nervous tension - before today they had only seen photos and heard descriptions. None of them had been allowed to enter while renovations were underway, and the stories about the previous occupants.. Well, lets just say there's a reason the new owner was offering such low rates. There would be many new occupants, but the house and grounds were vast - for everyone gathered it would be a significant step up from their previous living arrangements. The owner arrived and quickly got to work handing out keys to the new occupants and thanking them all for their upfront commitment to this venture. With that, everyone entered the house and hurried to their rooms. It was a busy, hectic day with all of the commotion and chaos that comes along with so many people moving in all at once. Tomorrow would be a much calmer time, allowing everyone to get to know their new housemates. At least that was the assumption..

Gamerunners: Natiko & Fireblend
Complexity: Unusual with bastard elements
Phase Length: Hecht Rhythm - Day Phases will run Sunday @ 6:00 PM EST to Tuesday @ 6:00 PM EST (48 hours) then Wednesday @ 6:00 PM EST to Friday @ 6:00 PM EST (48 hours). Night Phases will be Tuesday @ 6:00 PM EST to Wednesday @ 6:00 PM EST (24 hours) then Friday @ 6:00 PM EST to Sunday @ 6:00 PM EST (48 hours).

Sample Role PM:
Welcome [Player],

You are a regular house member.

You are aligned with The Household (That's the TOWN).

You have no powers other than the ability to vote.

You win when all threats are eliminated.
Mentorship program
For new and returning players who would like some assistance, we offer a mentorship program where a volunteer veteran player can assist you. If you are interested in having a Mentor for this game, please contact your Gamerunner. For more info, please check the main MafiERA OT.
The game begins in:
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Oct 25, 2017
What Is Mafia?
Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a famous social deduction game that puts two teams against each other: Town and Mafia. Mafia players know who everyone in their team is, while Town players only know their own alignment. Cut into two ‘Phases’, Day and Night, the game entails Town trying to eliminate the Mafia via discussion and voting while the Mafia are trying to not get caught in order to match or outnumber the Town in order to win.

Interested in joining or learning more? Check out our MafiERA OT!

1. All site-wide rules apply here.
2. Unless explicitly told otherwise, players may not discuss this game outside of this thread.
3. Unless explicitly told otherwise, players may not directly quote or post screenshots of any PMs, posts, conversations, or any other type of document that was not made in this thread.
4. Players are allowed to lie, within reason, about any game-related material such as the content of a role PM.
5. Please respect all of your fellow players. We ask that you respect a player’s personal pronouns and be aware of accessibility when using non-default text formatting. Please do not refer to, or discuss, player activity outside of this thread, for the sake of the game’s integrity.
6. Mafia can be an intense and stressful game at times with situations becoming heated. Despite this, being overly hostile towards your fellow players is not allowed. If a player is caught name calling, using slurs, and/or other aggressive behaviors determined by the gamerunner they will be warned. If these behaviors continue despite the warning that player will be modkilled. No exceptions.

7. Players are required to post a minimum of 10 posts per day phase. Failure to adhere to this will first result in a warning. On the second offense that player will be removed from the game.
8. If a player posts fewer than 5 posts in a day phase without alerting the gamerunner to their absence, they will be removed from the game without a warning.
9. If you are unable to continue playing for whatever reason, please contact your gamerunner.
10. If a replacement is added to the game, they may request the current/upcoming night phase to be extended up-to 48 hours to allow time to catch up.

Voting and Lynching:
11. In order to vote for another player to be lynched, you must present it on its own line and in the following format with no spaces: [ HIGHLIGHT ]VOTE: playername[ /HIGHLIGHT ]. Misspelt votes are only accepted within reason. Any other format will not be accepted.
12. To remove a vote from a player, you may simply vote for another player, or you may present it on its own line and in the following format with no spaces: [ HIGHLIGHT ]UNVOTE[ /HIGHLIGHT ].
13. Players may vote for a “No Lynch” to end the day phase without a lynch. This is done by using the formatting above and typing: [ HIGHLIGHT ]VOTE: No Lynch[ /HIGHLIGHT ].
14. When a player has received a strict majority of available votes (>50%), the day phase ends with the lynch of that player. Once a day phase has ended any in-game discussion stops and votes cast after that will not be counted.

Death and the Spectator Thread:
15. Once you are dead, you may no longer discuss the game in any manner with any of the remaining players.
16. Once dead, players may have a choice between the spectator thread and the replacement list. PM your gamerunner for more information.

17. Outside of explicit allowances the use of the highlight tag is strictly for gamerunners. Do not use it.
18. Do not edit your posts or hide content in the formatting. Repeat offenders will be removed from the game.
19. If a player is banned or they are replaced due to inactivity they will have the lowest possible priority when signing up for a spot in their next game.
20. Gamerunners reserve the right to add, remove, or modify existing any rules at any point, and enforcement may be applied retrospectively. However, all players will be informed of changes beforehand.
Oct 25, 2017
House of Horrors Roster

[she/her] Dr. Monkey - UTC-4/EDT Replaced by [he/him] TheChuggernaut - CST
[he/him] Kalor - GMT Died D2
[he/him] Lone_Prodigy - EST
[he/they] saenima - GMT
[he/him] Geno - UTC Replaced by [he/him] EzekelRAGE - CST
[they/them] Aeleus - BST
[he/him] Kopite - GMT+8
[he/him] AbsolutBro - EDT
[he/him] WhySoDevious - GMT-6 Replaced by [he/him] Faddy - UTC+1
[he/him] Fantomas - CDT Died N1
[he/him] Rover - EST
[he/him] Vincent Alexander - CST
[any] Sorian - PST
[he/him] Comrade Doggo Sparky - GMT-5
[they/she] weemadarthur - CST
[he/him] turmoil7 - GMT-3 Died D1
[she/her] Girlofgotham - BST
[he/him] TheWorthyEdge - CST Died D2
[he/him] Brazil - GMT-3
[he/him] Olinad - PST
[he/him] Verelios - EST Died N1
[he/him] Ty4on - CEST

[he/him] FluxWaveZ - EDT

Players with preferred nicknames:
Lone_Prodigy: LP
saenima: sae
Fantomas: Fanto
Comrade Doggo Sparky: Sparky
weemadarthur: wee
Girlofgotham: Gotham
TheWorthyEdge: Edge
Olinad: Dani
Ty4on: Ty

Please try to use preferred nicknames for clarity and consistency! This is a new thing we're doing and we think it will make an impact.


Day Start/Day End Links:
Day 1 Start
Day 1 End
Day 2 Start
Day 2 End

Vote Tool:
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Is this tag ok?
Oct 25, 2017
[he/him] Comrado Doggo Sparky - GMT-5
Looks like a typo in the player list there. Should be Comrade, not Comrado.


Otherwise, yaaayyyy, excited to play with you all, but not too hyped, because I don't want to burn out this time so I'm going to try to be more chill.
Oct 25, 2017
Here we are :D

Banner is fantastic and it would be double fantastic with more in it. And btw i heard there were gremlins in this here House.