How China Built a Twitter Propaganda Machine Then Let It Loose on Coronavirus

spam musubi

Oct 25, 2017
Of course they would,but here are far more powers at play than some people seem to imagine. The current situation is the culmination of a lot of fuckups from a lot of countries,that started way earlier than last years November.

Going hard on China, while trump has been blatantly lying to the whole world about covid-19, when he was absolutely in the known and briefed about it, and his propaganda machine spewing shit about how we in Europe are incompetent in handling this mess is something I just don't get.

It's not about absolving China, but some fingers should be pointed as much to someone in their own backyard whose approval is seemingly even going up. (I know,approval always goes up in times of crisis)

Everyone just looking for someone guilty right now is the same shit that brought the great war on terror.
A visible national leader lying is not the same thing as a country creating an operation to secretly mislead people. When Trump says something, people can attribute it to Trump and make a judgment on whether they find him credible or not. When there is a faceless disinformation campaign, it is much more insidious because the source, motivations and scope are unknown. It erodes public trust and can be anywhere, and can control sentiment much more subtly. These things are absolutely not comparable.