1. Inkblots


    They have lots of money and they were popular as fuck.
    And Kelly raped Aaliyah who was a revered talent, but no one gives a fuck. I remember the social media posts after the allegations against Brown came to light: women saying they would let him beat them up. People turning on Rhianna. It was disgusting.

    wtf is she on? He said absolutely nothing wrong. This is partly the reason, OP. You can't even talk about it.
  2. Heshinsi


    Isn’t the reason that what the two did wasn’t hidden for a long period of time. It came out, there was a backlash against them, and they rebounded from it due to the times. I’m 100% confident that if they did these abhorant things today, not only would they face back lash worse than they did before, but I don’t think they bounce back at all.
  3. Deepwater


    He's still doing this shit. After his acquittal in 2008, he just shifted to basically skirting legal consent laws. It's the same thing with several pedophiles who almost get busted, they clean up their act just enough to avoid legal trouble with the law. It becomes more subversive.
  4. Heshinsi


    What the fuck?! How is he not charged with something over this?
  5. Deepwater


    Because he just ropes them in as soon as they turn 18.
  6. norm9

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    People still think Michael Jackson is guilty of something?!?
  7. Randam


    That doesn't make you a pedophile.
    I forgot the right term. But pedophile means you have a interesting in children before they reached the puberty.

    Edit: it's Hebephilia.
  8. TheGhost


    Chris Brown fans are the worst, especially on Twitter.

    I just had to take one look at Rhianna's face to instantly hate that dude.

    Yet people forgave his ass.

    R-Kelly....smh dudes a bum, he definitely got ridiculed by Black Comedians but it unfortunately didn't get the main stream attention it deserved because that dudes career should be dead.

    Don't matter what the academic term is, society still looks at that as a pedophile
  9. Really? Are you seriously going to do this?
  10. Heshinsi


    Yep. Fifty year old man preying on probescent minors is a predator no matter what the academic term is. Hell the article that Deepwater posted shows he's a predator even when he waits for the girls to reach 18.
  11. LionPride

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    No one gives a damn about the technical term
  12. EvoTech

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    As much as I love rap and hip/hop, the culture these genres make often makes me sick.
  13. haimon

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    This is an example of why.
  14. Z-Beat


    Does that qualify as getting away with it, though? That's like going to jail and then getting out and successfully reintegrating into society. It's not really getting away with it so much as recovering, and then he fucked it up some more. He does have a pretty baffling defense force though.
  15. Yasuke


    Words mean things. Use the right word. He’s not a pedophile, he’s a hebephile.

    Both equate to him being a piece of shit, ain’t nobody trying to cover for the nigga.
  16. ZeoVGM


    There is a woman I work with, early 20s, who has tried to argue with me over my dislike of Chris Brown.

    On the topic of new music a while back, his newest album came up. I said I hadn't listened to it and she asked why. I remember saying that I honestly had trouble listening to him knowing that he not only beat a woman half to death but has shown zero remorse for it since.

    She told me that I didn't "understand" what he was going through and that I shouldn't judge him so much.
  17. faceless


  18. Dosia


    Yeah, people with common sense.
  19. LionPride

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    I've heard people bring up the fact Rihanna hit him first

    which is true

    you wanna know what that didn't warrent? What he did to her

    I'm v against hitting women, but damn I get a light bop. Not beating the fuck outta her.

    At least Ray Rice hit his now wife with a one hitta

    Brown used her face like a punching bag.

    Then he got a restraining order put on him after a lot of people woulda fucked with Breezy again
  20. for some reason, putting domestic violence on rap/hip-hop culture because some rich singer still has a career seems like absolute fucking bullshit

    meanwhile, the fucking president brags about grabbing pussies but go on about how you hate "rap culture"
  21. LionPride

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    don't respond to them
  22. ashep

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    Consider this your reminder that Charlemagne said of Chris Brown and Rihanna:

    • Everyone has hit their chick
    • Everyone has at least choked a woman
    • He beat his girlfriend during sex for insulting him
    • Carribbean women are mouthy
    • Rihanna was probably beating Chris for a long time so he just let out some frustration
    Fuck that fool and the culture that makes excuses for this shit.
  23. enzo_gt


    I think it really comes down to your level of skepticism or perceived star privilege when it came to the legal repercussions he did have to deal with. Despite paying his debts to society, a lot of people feel like he got off easy and he owed more (and not even just talking about people exaggerating and saying he should have locked up forever).
  24. Shinku_King


    I like the music they make an I still listen to it, I might not mess with them personally though.
  25. SolidSnakex