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  1. GrizzleBoy


    Saw all of the shitstorm happening with Evilore.

    Didn't immediately judge him. Waited for more info as it was all happening very fast.

    Then the forum died and found that he'd decided that OT and all its innocent posters and communities should be deleted and penalised because he got metood.

    Saw him referring to issues I cared about as "doom and gloom" topics that were going to be banned from discussion.

    Thought "fuck this then".

    Happily joined era.

    If he had not decided that thousands of people who put in thousands of man hours into OTs, community building for his site needed to be punished as scapegoats for his personal issues, I'm sure myself and many others would still have been GAFers.

    P.S thanks to whoever ran the F1 discord for my invite.
  2. Lmo2017


    I came over on the sandwich...
  3. KojiKnight


    I wasn't sticking around after all the stuff with Evilore hit the fan. Dude was awful. Plus all the cool kids left for here, and if I know ANYTHING about being cool, it's that you go where the cool kids go.

    I hitched a ride on the Dragon Ball crew even though I didn't spend nearly as much time with them before hand as I should have.
  4. Unfortunately seems to be a losing battle.
  5. Hecht

    Welp Administrator

    Locking this as the recent pages seem to be going into cross-forum drama territory.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.